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What Has Happened To Classic Children’s Programmes ?

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What Has Happened To Classic Children’s Programmes ?

Great I’ve got a little one, what a perfect excuse for me to watch classic children’s programmes on TV as an adult! I can finally sit and watch all the classic cartoons I loved as a kid without looking slightly crazy. Some of my absolute favourites were Raggy Dolls, Button Moon, Postman Pat and Pokemon. Classics.

Then it all went wrong. Yes a lot of the children’s programmes I loved as a child are still around now days. However they’ve changed a lot – I’m so upset. My main problems and grips though are with the new versions of Postman Pat and Fireman Sam.

Classic Children’s Programmes – My Issues With Postman Pat

Imagine my disappointment when I turned on the television to find Postman Pat flying a helicopter. He’s now also working for the ‘Special Delivery Service’ not the Royal Mail – gutted doesn’t even cover it ladies and gentlemen.

So it looks like the Royal Mail is on its way out and the Special Delivery Service will be taking over. You heard it here first.

I mean come on I’m getting on a bit now (32 years young) and not ONCE have I have my post delivered by helicopter. 

What Has Happened To Kids TV - Its Gone Down Hill



Classic Children’s Programmes – My Issues With Fireman Sam

Back in the day of stop-motion animation PontyPandy was a little village with the odd fire and rescue here and there. It was usually caused by that cheeky Norman Price. One much loved episode was when the lake ran out of water when they needed to fill up the fire engine – terrible affair that.


Simpler Times On Fireman Sam

Today, in all his CGI glory the town seems to have every emergency known to man – even a hurricane. Yes that’s right a hurricane in Wales. The amount of equipment this small town is eye-watering they must have the best funded Fire Department in the UK. 

The new Fireman Sam has to be the most annoying thing ever, the man is such a smug git it makes me want to punch the telly sometimes. 

There’s the new improved Fire House and a Boat House, plus the Mountain Rescue Centre. There are many many vehicles – Jupiter, Venus, Hydrus etc. I’ve even seen a flying drone.

Lets not forget the main man himself Fireman Sam, since when did he skateboard or snowboard? He seems to have the answer to everything and is a right know-it all. What really annoys me though, is when people ring the emergency line for help  and say ‘Call Sam’. Last time I checked when the lovely lady on the 999 line asked you which service you require you said ‘Fire Please’.

He always takes credit for everything! Even if he hasn’t helped much during the rescue he gets thanked – don’t worry guys it was only Penny that came out in her boat to rescue you, but don’t thank her! If I were in the rest of the fire crew with Fireman Sam I’d be getting seriously hacked off with him!

There are 2 new characters – Ellie and Arnold – how many firefighters do you need with a town of that size? Just greedy.


Times Change …

Kids TV Has Gone Down Hill

Children’s programmes just aren’t what I remember they were my childhood TV classics. The ones they’ve kept on they’ve ruined – or maybe I’m just getting old …

Seriously though what has happened, the more I watch the more I think I’m actually losing brain cells and IQ! I don’t know how much more I can take!


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