9 things that annoy me about toddlers

9 Things That Annoy Me About Toddlers

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9 Things That Annoy Me About Toddlers

It’s a well know fact that toddlers are annoying. From not wanting to sleep to answering you back and the dreaded ‘No’ and ‘I don’t want to’ and ‘In a minute’ they really are annoying.

1. When Your Toddler Refuses To Sleep 

You’d like to have some time to spend with your other half, have a shower and wash your hair, read that half finished book, catch up on the house work and then chill watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones – and all they do is mess about for 2hrs instead of going to sleep. Funny how they are magically hungry and thirsty at bedtime. They come out with a whole array of excuses as to why they can’t sleep. My all time favourite is ‘Mummy I can’t go to sleep because my hair is broken’ – yeah nice try kid. Bedtime aka Battle Time.

2. When Your Toddler Falls Asleep In The Car

You spent 2hrs putting your little darling to bed last night, and then they still want to get up at 5.00am and play (or are hungry again). You’re driving them to nursery that morning and they fall asleep in the car – and are still sleeping when you hand them over to the nursery staff, lucky sod – I’ve now got to go to work 9-5. No nap time for you mummy. It gets worse – they then fall asleep in the car on the way home from nursery, when you get home and wake them they are in the worst mood in the universe. Of course because they’ve had that little nap on the car you can’t get them to sleep at 7.00pm so the 2 hour bed time battle stats again.

3. When Your Toddler Is In The Yes No Phase

They want you to play with them – no they don’t, yes they do. Yes, no, yes,no. They want a sandwich to eat – no they don’t, yes they do. Yes, no, yes,no. They want to go out for a walk – no actually now they want to be picked up and carried – no they don’t, yes they do. Yes, no, yes,no. Just make up your god damn mind child!

9 Things That Annoy Me About Toddlers


9 Things That Annoy Me About Toddlers

4. When Your Toddler Has To Watch The Same Programme Again & Again

I had to stay at home with my little toddler as he was poorly. Toy Story was the film for that day and we watched it 3 times. Don’t get me wrong I like it – but not that much! I seem to spend my life living in an infinite loop of watching the same episodes of Peppa Pig, Power Rangers, Blaze & The Monster Machines and Ben & Holly. Please send help when you can I need to escape from Ground Hog Day!

5. When You Dress Your Toddler Beautifully, Turn Around & They’re Filthy!

Yep you know how it goes you’re going out so they get some clean clothes & wiped faced. 10 minutes later they’ve found some food and decided to decorate themselves with it. How did they even find this food and why is it they only do this when someone else is going to see them. Got to love a chocolate covered face, oh no wait a chocolate covered toddler!

6. When You’re Toddler Hates All Food They Need To Survive

You spend ages cooking a meal thinking they’ll love it as its their favourite. They have told you this meal is their favourite and have eaten it on multiple occasions with no fuss. You give it to them and they tell you ‘I don’t like it’ and push it away or knock it all over the floor! They all seem to go through this phase of hating all food – which would be OK if we didn’t need food to live – please toddler just eat something!

7. You Need To Change Their Nappy

They’ve done a poop, but they refuse to let you change their nappy /pull-up. You try to reason with them – you need it doing you don’t want to be stinky do you? YES! – you’ve got a wet bottom don’t you want it nice and dry? NO! You resort to bribery haha …if you have it done you can watch Fireman Sam, have a cake, some chocolates! OK they say – bribery the best way to get a toddler to do what you want them to!

8. Toddlers Talk In Their Own Code

I have no clue what he’s going on about sometimes. Then he gets angry and frustrated because I haven’t given him what he wants – sorry kid but I don’t understand cryptic messages. If they learnt to talk sooner we wouldn’t have this massive problem. Mind you though I hear teenager aren’t much better for talking in their own code either …

9. How They Have To Take Random Toys & Items Out With Them.

No Spider-Man does not need to come shopping at Tesco’s and no we don’t need to take your Fireman Sam umbrella out as its not raining. Why do all toddlers seem to have an obsession with having to take strange items out with them – we have to take enough junk with spare nappies, wipes and clothes without tagging on some not useful item.




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