Formula Feeders vs Breast Feeders

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Formula Feeders vs Breast Feeders

The topic of formula feeders vs breast feeders drives me totally bonkers and actually angers me quiet a lot.

Mums are judged so much on every decision they make especially how they decide to feed their baby, sometimes though it isn’t as simple as a ‘choice’ and those of us who can not breastfeed shouldn’t be made to feel like a failure as a mother.

I wanted to breastfeed, my LO just wasn’t interested, I spent a week in hospital after a c-section trying but I had no luck. I tried I really did. He was losing to much weight so we switched to formula feeding, which he took to straight away.

It would drive my crackers when people who knew what a struggle it had been for me to try and breastfeed, would put up post after post about how ‘breast was best’ and how amazing they were for breastfeeding their children, and how they had an extra special bond with their baby. The way some people went on you would think by being a formula feeder I was poisoning my child!

Seriously?! What is wrong with some people!

Well to you ‘Breast is Best’ brigade I say this …..

I tried, it wasn’t working out, my LO was hungry & mummy was very tired. I formula feed my LO because he was hungry and he needed it. Formula was best for him – it saved his life. Would you rather I left him to starve to death because it’s not as good as your breast milk?

Neglecting a child and not feeding him is something to complain about not formula feeders!

So get down off that pedestal you’ve put yourselves on & realise we all love and feed our babies, what they are fed isn’t important as long as they healthy and happy.

Thank You

Mummy It’s OK – Proud Formula Feeder Of One

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33 thoughts on “Formula Feeders vs Breast Feeders

  • MummyBlogz

    I love the Fact the government and the NHS push the Breast is Best campaign, but the amount of judgemental, opinionated, dirty looks you get if you breast feed in public is rediculos!! As a mum Breast Vs Bottle decision you’re never going to win.

  • MummyBlogz

    I believe that as a mum you need to do what’s right for you not by others opinions. I couldn’t breast feed, really wanted too and I have to admit I was horrified when I was in the baby changing room and found a mum breast feeding on there. Just thought how unhygienic it was, how cold and how the fact that she felt more comfortable there than at a cafe… Because of idiots in today’s society!!

  • It's A Mummy & Baby Life

    AMEN to this post! I can’t be doing with it either…somehow they are better people and better mums?! I don’t think so. As you say, as long as you’re feeding your child and they’re happy then what does it matter to anyone else. Don’t let anyone’s comments get to you because you’re doing a fab job no matter what!!

  • Faye Elizabeth

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I didn’t breastfeed, Willow hated the boob and I started her on bottles by the time she was 6 hours old. she hated it and I mean hated it, I knew it from the moment I put her by my boob, she spat it out after one suck. I am lucky to have never have been ‘judged’ for not breastfeeding directly but I have read newspaper articles and blog posts from people who cant stop shouting about how amazing it is to brestfeed and how their bond with their baby is so good…. Well, My bond with my baby was good too and She didn’t breastfeed, she was one of the healthiest babies I know and have known since and she was one of the happiest too. I would never breastfeed if I went on to have another either, I am a bottle feeding mum, by choice, and I’m proud.

  • Something Crunchy Mummy

    Well said!! I breastfed my first son but then with my second really struggled, he has a tongue tie and it just wasn’t as easy as before. I battled on as I felt I had to when one day I couldn’t take it. I have formula and it was the best thing I did. I was happier and both me and Noah weren’t stressing over a feed. But I had someone close to me who was breastfeeding throwing it in my face if how easy it was and how great it was. It broke my heart. The stigma needs to go. It’s not fair on new mums. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

    • mummyitsok

      I’m so glad I bottle fed mine to – it worked best for the both of us! I know how you feel about having ppl flaunting in your face about how amazing the bond is and how breastfeeding is the best thing ever. It really doesn’t help! X

    • mummyitsok

      Totally agree! I already felt bad for not being able to breastfed then when you’d see post about how breast is best and mothers who breastfeed are doing the best for their baby it makes you feel rubbish! X

  • life as mum

    This is very true. My two daughters were bottled fed. This baby will be breastfed (hopefully) and I don’t think anyone should be judged by the way they feed their baby.
    Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  • Becster

    Hear hear!! I’m not anti-breastfeeding but it didn’t work for me either. My first wouldn’t take to the breast and since i was recovering from an unexpected c-section I gave her a bottle. Both babies are happy and healthy bottle-fed babies!!

    • mummyitsok

      Hi! Same here – I don’t mind which option mums pick – both are fine. It just really winds me up seeing posts about how formula is rubbish and poison and how those who bottle fed are bad mothers blah blah blah – God anyone would think we aren’t feeding them at all! X

  • WitchyMumma

    I tried really hard to breastfeed with both of my tinies, but I just can’t handle the dedication it takes to be an exclusive pumper. I made it longer with my second than my first, but I swear if I have another I’m going straight to formula and I dare anyone to say a word to me about it.

  • Hannah - Budding Smiles

    Well said! I breastfed for 4 months and in hindsight that was about 3 months too long because Toby was a very challenging baby and I put myself on the verge of PND by stubbornly carrying on. Feeding them (by whatever means), keeping them safe, loving them, those things are what matter!xx #fartglitter

  • Life With Waldo

    You are very right! What’s important is baby and that baby is well fed and healthy. It shouldn’t be a point of judgement and it’s so annoying when any mother judges another mother over such things. And the implication that you won’t have a special bond with your child if you don’t breastfeed is down right insulting. I breastfed my son as long as I could (4 months) but even during that time he was always supplemented with formula because my body simply never produced what he needed. You’re a great mom and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. #fartglitter.

  • Becki - The Mum From Brum

    I hate how it’s such a controversial subject. What we feed our children, breast milk or formula, shouldn’t matter as long as that child is healthy and happy,and so are the parents. Our health system is so bogged down with “targets” and “goals” that I think they’ve forgotten some of the basics of care. It’s not the care-givers fault, they have their own ridiculous targets to meet and forms to fill in.

    I’ve written on this subject myself, having had a battle with breastfeeding and resulting guilt from things not going to plan, with little support from an overwhelmed NHS. I’m very pro-fed is best. I still plan to breastfeed when I have another child, but I know that there’s nothing wrong with formula. I wish the subject wasn’t so divisive – I wish we could all be “mums together” and just get along. There doesn’t need to be a battle, no Mommy Wars. #justanotherlinky

  • Something Crunchy Mummy

    Well said. There are too many judgers and braggers out there! I unfortunately had to stop breastfeeding due to a tongue tie not picked up early enough to and I had a close family member also breastfeeding (going well) shoving it in my face. I was heartbroken and she made it worse. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

    • mummyitsok Post author

      It is hard when you want to but it doesn’t work out. Like you say it doesn’t help with having best is breast thrown in your face – we know already lol, we tried but it didn’t happen and we’ve got to feed our little ones something!

  • Laura @ we forgot the sperm

    Thankyou for this. I wrote something similar recently. The pressure to breastfeed is absolutely immense and I can’t imagine trying and being unusable to. I don’t like “failing” because choosing formula or being unable to breastfeed is not “failing” your child. I’m not sure whether I could have physically fed Eden, but I knew I couldn’t mentally due to being an assault survivor and a myriad of other reasons. I’ve been called a bad, lazy, selfish mother many times for making that choice and not just “giving it a go” or “reclaiming my boobs”. I don’t understand why I’m selfish. My baby is happy and healthy and is hitting every single one of her milestones head on…
    You’re doing a great job 🙂
    And if you wanted to have a peek at my post on the matter, it’s on

    • mummyitsok Post author

      Totally agree! Far to much pressure on mums to breastfeed, I felt like a total failure – no mum should be made to feel like a failure it’s a tough job! We all do the best we can for our little ones and we shouldn’t have to put up with people preaching at us and dragging us down in a highly emotional time! I’ll deffo check out your post 🙂 X

  • Lissette

    Yes!!! I tried so, so hard to breastfeed my son, and my body just did not produce enough. I finally had to give up after being attached to a machine or a baby for what seemed like every minute of the day for 4 months. It was too much! My child is alive and well fed, and THAT is what matters.

    The holier than thou did nothing to help except cause me to grieve and get depressed over my inability to breastfeed my child, so thanks for that breast is best crusaders! #FartGlitter

  • Fi - Beauty Baby and Me

    Well said! I do breastfeed, but I am totally against the insane amount of pressure and judgement thrown at mothers who don’t! Every mother is just doing the best she can and additional and unnecessary pressure is awful. I love your writing – thanks for sharing xx #MarvMondays

  • Mrs Tubbs

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could just support each other without the judgement?! As long as a child is loved, well cared for, nurtured etc. then does it matter what your feeding method is?!

  • Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn

    Well said! I feel exactly the same and it annoyed me even more when the health visitors came and were like ‘I assume you’re breast feeding’ and there’s me like no actually I’m combination feeding! The fact that they try and push it on you so much makes me want to tell them to f off! Like you said main thing us a happy, healthy baby x #MarvMondays

  • Catherine

    It’s really funny because I got judged for breastfeeding! I was told that she looked too small, that I was a bad mum because I wasn’t feeding her enough, blah blah blah. Unfortunately everyone thinks they can have an opinion on your parenting, no matter what is happening.

  • My Petit Canard

    I absolutely agree with you! I breastfed my first baby, but am absolutely under no illusions that it was because I was able to and it worked for us. But just as easily could have been the opposite as so many mums experience. At the end of the day, its always about what works best for a mum and baby not about breast vs bottle. As long as a baby is nourished, it doesnt matter where it comes from. Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily