How To Help Someone With Postnatal Depression

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How To Help Someone With Postnatal Depression

It’s a question I’ve heard often ‘ my partner has postnatal depression, how can I help them?’

Helping someone with postnatal depression can be difficult, they have their own fight plus a baby to look after.

Postnatal depression sufferers often continue to look after their little one perfectly fine. However, in the process they neglect themselves and their needs.

As a mum with postnatal depression these are my recommendations as to how to help someone with postnatal depression.


How To Help Someone With Postnatal Depression

My Top 10 Ways You Can Help Someone With Postnatal Depression.

1. She Needs To Eat.  It’s tough to have an appetite when your not 100% and your sleep deprived. Make your partner something to eat even if it’s just a simple sandwich and packet of crisps – if you don’t do it she probably won’t.

2. Offer to watch the little one and suggest she has a nice long bubble bath – it’s tough when someone needs you 24/7 and even something as simple as some peace and quiet to have a bath can really help, some days we’re lucky to grab a quick shower.

3. Make sure she gets some sleep – this is a tough one with a baby, do you have grandparents who could have your little one for a night to try and get some rest.

4. Make sure she knows she is a wonderful mother and you’re proud of her for getting the help she needs.

5. Reassure her that you’re not going anywhere, you’re in this together and you’ll be there no matter what.

6. Explain to her a happy mum is a happy baby. There’s no shame in taking 5 mins out for yourself or having someone babysit for a couple of hours. Everyone needs a break.

7. Explain to her that this is an illness just like any other and that she will get better.

8. Take time everyday to ask how she really is – fine often isn’t fine – explain that you’re there to listen and help her not to judge. Explain she can tell you anything no matter how ‘out there’ it may seem.

9. Make sure she keeps up with any medication provided by the GP & that she attends all necessary appointments. The antidepressants do help but it’s important to keep taking them in order to get better.

10. Be patient with her, some days it’s tough to make sense of your own thoughts and feelings let alone understand anything else.

Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!

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