7 Ways To Spot A Mum From A Mile Away

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7 Ways To Spot A Mum From A Mile Away

As a mum you can always spot other mums from a mile off – How? We all have that same look, that one of love but total bewilderment and exhaustion! If your a mum yourself you’ll have no problem relating to these ways to spot a Mum!

7 Ways To Spot A Mum From A Mile Away


7 Ways To Spot A Mum

Here Are 7 Ways To Spot A Mum:

Bags Under Your Eyes

It’s well know that us mums don’t get much sleep, hence the consent bags under the eyes. On a daily basis I look like a bloody panda, so much so I’ve considering changing my entire make-up look to that of a panda so that the eyes fit my face. My Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen is my very best friend.

Bushy Eyebrows

I don’t pluck my eyebrows as often as I should, when I’m shattered it’s hard to focus looking in the mirror with the tweezers. Not the easiest of tasks. So how do I solve this problem – I have ’emergency tweezers’ I keep in the car (oh yes this is real!). After I’ve dropped little man off at pre-school and driven to my work and parked I have approximately 15 minutes of ‘free’ time. I admit it I pluck my eyebrows whilst sat in the car using the tiny mirror in the sun-visor. Classy.

Mummy Pony Tail

The ultimate classic hairstyles for mums. Quick and easy to do and it stops your little one pulling at your hair – perfect. I think I’ve lived with the same hairstyle for the last 3 years . I really must find something else quick and simple to do.

Unshaven Legs

Thank god for jeans and leggings, otherwise I’d go out looking like a yeti. I always have the best intention to shave my legs but something else always crops up, such as I can’t be bothered and its bedtime. For a long time I’ve used an electric shaver but I may have to go back to the good old days of wet shaving in the shower to kill two birds with one stone. Mind you though I always nicked myself back then so maybe using a sharp blade whilst suffering sleep deprivation is a no go area!

Way To Spot A Mum

Sick & Spit Up On Clothes

We’ve all been there, it half way through the day and you realise you’ve been walking around with a lovely milk stain on your shoulder or chocolate fingerprints on your leggings. To the outside world you look like a right tramp who hasn’t washed her clothes. However the reality is kids are mucky little creatures, which they so lovingly remind you of when they wipe there nose on their hands and wipe it of on you – thanks – love you to mate.

In Need Of Caffeine

I’m 32 years young and all my life I’ve hated coffee and anything coffee related. Since having the little man I’ve sucked up my hatred for coffee and gulp it down. Yes it wakes me up all right. I have to admit I am starting to love a good cappuccino though. This could be fatal seen as there’s a coffee machine at work and home. I must not drink to much or I’ll never sleep!

Random Child Items In Your Handbag

So today in mine I have my little man’s happy meal toy, last week I carried around spare nappies and wipes in my work to and from work (its a good job everyone I work with knows I have a child and didn’t think they were mine!). I also often find spare dummy’s – a total must when out and about. My favourite so far was the Fireman Sam figures I found in my work coat whilst sat at work . Who says you cant bring toys to work and have fun!

I must look a million dollars walking around with panda eyes, bushy eyebrows and my dirty clothes. OK maybe not, but when my little man tells me ‘mummy I love you’ I feel like a million dollars. 

What are your suggestions about ways to spot a mum I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!

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