My Amazing Birth Story – The C-Section Journey

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My Amazing Birth Story – The C-Section Journey

The C-Section Journey – The Beginning

My first son was born naturally at forty one week’s exactly. I had planned that my second baby would be born the same way. There were complications after my first birth that resulted in haemorrhaging and blood transfusions for me. I was told this time they were prepared for that if were to happen again. This time I wanted to give birth or least to go through most of the active labour in the bath in the birthing suite. I could stay in there as long as I didn’t have an epidural and this time I didn’t want that. However, I wanted the bath and gas. I totally psyched myself up for it. I was a little scared that maybe the pain would be too much and I would request the epidural.  This is going to sound a little selfish but I wanted Mr C to see me give birth, I wanted to him to know what I had to go through to bring our child into this world.

My C-Section Journey – Guest Post Via Kelly Smith (1)

It was safe to say I was set on having the birth I wanted. It was going to be very different from the way Master J was born but it was still going to be natural. Now I’m not a natural birth Nazi, whatever choice you make, medically or not, it’s your choice. Natural or cesarean you are bringing your baby in to this world and that’s what’s important. After our halfway point on my visit to the midwife and she was reading my file and mentioned I had some muscle and tissue damage form my first birth. This was news to me.

Yes, I had torn during delivery but no one mentioned lasting damage. It was then they recommended I consider a C-section. I was already booked in to the birthing suite and I was devastated. I’d a plan and it was destroyed. I could continue to have a natural birth but no midwifes would be present only an obstetrician and I would only able to push for an hour before having a C-section anyway, and there was the possibility of further muscle damage which could leave me incontinent. So after a discussion with Mr C I agreed to a C-section and deep inside I felt like a failure.


Me at 5 months pregnant posing with Master J

The C-Section Journey – The Middle

At 39 weeks and 1 day at 7 AM Mr C and I were dropped off and the hospital. This was the last time Master J would be an only child. I wish I had given more thought to it that morning. We met our student midwife there. We were shown to my room and was informed sometime between 7 and 12 I would be in theatre having my baby. I was super excited but also really nervous. Then came the midwife with the catheter. I really hate catheters they are horrible and the feeling of constant leaking just drives me nuts. I would avoid one at all costs and Master T was definitely picking up on how I felt about this and was going crazy.

Sometime after 12 it was finally go time. We were prepped and ready. I was terrified and so excited I was going to meet my baby. I was assured I would get my skin to skin contact after Master T was checked over. The spinal block was horrible and I felt sick. Not feeling my legs or being able to move was a very weird experience for me because the more I couldn’t move them the more I wanted to. I didn’t feel any pain and they were checking by using a really cold swab from my legs to my chest. Once I couldn’t feel anything surgery began.

At 1:31 Master T was born. As soon as I heard him I cry I started crying. My baby was here finally. Mr C was ecstatic and was asking “Can you hear him? Can you see him?”. They lifted Master T over the curtain so I could see him before he was taken over to other side of the room. Mr C was able to cut the cord after the obstetrician had made the first cut.

It was a beautiful moment getting to hold my baby for the first time. I had no idea what to really expect having a C-section but it didn’t change to instant love I felt for my baby just as I had felt it with his brother when he was born. It felt like minutes passed before we were being wheeled to recovery with our newest son. He was perfectly healthy and I was able to give him his first feed. After waiting for the feeling in my legs to return I was moved back to my room.

It didn’t feel like I had surgery at first. I wasn’t allowed to move apart from feeding Master T. I was just so overwhelmed that it wasn’t till the next morning that it really set it that I had major abdominal surgery. Mr C assisted me in having my shower. I was even allowed to wash my hair. There was still a lot of lying in bed and trying to rest.

I just couldn’t wait till Master J came in to meet him baby brother. Master J came in with his grandpa in the afternoon of the second day. I was worried about the introduction. Master J had been an only child for five years and the youngest grandson so he was the baby boy of the family. He had been incredible during my pregnancy despite people telling me he would act feral. He followed his grandpa in and said “Hi Mummy” and walked straight past me and over to the crib and started stroking his baby brothers arm. I can’t explain the joy I felt watching this almost instant bond.

The C-Section Journey – The End

We got to go home on day 3. To be honest I had the best sleep in three weeks our first night home. Master T slept better at home then he did at hospital. I had minimal pain as long I kept taking my pain relief every four hours, but I didn’t take any overnight I didn’t overnight because I basically slept through so I would wake up in the morning with some pain but was fine about 30 minutes after I taken Pandadol and Voltaren. The hard thing I found emotionally was not feeling I would develop a solid bond with Master T. I couldn’t be involved as much as I wanted with his care due to healing.

I could feed him by a bottle but that was it (although it wasn’t the C-section that stopped me from breast feeding him). Then I developed a cold sore and had read how dangerous they can be for babies so this was another thing that restricted my care of my baby.  To stop him from touching my face I wore a huge Band-Aid over my chin but this meant I couldn’t kiss him which was devastating. All photos had to be angled to avoid showing the Band-Aid.  When I took it off at night it meant Mr C would have to hold and feed him. I was emotionally riddled with guilt and frustration at myself.

My C-section was straight forward, drama free and I healed incredibly well. Thanks to Mr C taking his long service leave I was able recover and have the support I needed during my recovering process. I didn’t need to worry about how I would take care of Master T and Master J. I have small scar that has faded to point that you can’t really see it.

I’m not sure if that is the norm for everyone but my surgeons did an amazing job helping me bring my son into the world and stitching me up. I don’t ever want a C-section again but only because the restrictions involved after having the baby. Plus the worry I had that something would go wrong. My stomach would rip apart or I would end up with a blood clot. I worry a lot by the way. So I’ve given birth both ways and I defiantly prefer natural all the way. I don’t plan on any more children and if I did it would have to be another C-section. The experience didn’t change how I felt towards Master T. I gave birth twice just differently.


Me Holding Newborn Master T


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