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To The Mum With Postpartum Depression It Does Get Better

I’ve suffered Postpartum Depression since my little man was born (3 1/2 years ago!). I’m writing here because I want you to know something – Postpartum Depression it does get better and it will end!

I’ve read a few posts here and there lately from woman who are suffering and ready to give up. Also in some of the support groups I’m in some mums are having a tough time in their recovery. I’ve too felt like this before and I promise you it’s the postpartum depression talking not you. 

I wish that I could offer you the perfect words to make all you’re suffering go in an instant. I wish I could be there with you and hug you to tell you it’s going to be OK and that I have a magical cure. All I have to offer you is my Postpartum Depression Journey. I’m hoping that it will inspire you to carry on and hang on in there even on the dark days. 

My Story : I am a Postpartum Depression Survivor

I hit rock bottom and thought my life would never get better but you know what? Postpartum depression it does get better! The hardest thing I did was going to the GP and telling her how I felt. I was convinced she would think I was bad mum and that they would take my baby away from me. Nothing could have been further from the truth – she was wonderful and supportive. 

She said something to me that has stuck with me throughout my whole journey.

Depression can happen at anytime to anyone, the fact that it’s called Postpartum Depression is just to show the time in your life it happened to you – after you had a baby – it’s the same as any other depression there’s no difference – it is not a reflection of you as a mother. 

Postpartum Depression It Does Get Better

I’m not going to lie to you. The recovery is tough and long and yes you will have set backs – but it’s worth it. I thought I’d never get close to the end of Postpartum Depression and that I’d be stuck in that darkness forever. However I found my way out and you can too. 

I remember how those dark months felt though and I understand your pain and loneliness. I understand why you think you’re not strong enough or worth helping – but you are, we all are. I’m near the end of my recovery I’m just on one tablet every day – it’s still tough some days but I can cope, I know my Postpartum Depression will come to an end just like yours will!

You are someone’s mummy, and whatever you may think they are not better off without you and they need you and love you. They need you to be strong and to show them and teach them that whatever life throws at you, however dark things get there’s always a way out and you should always fight and be brave. You can do this I believe in you all – please please please if you’re struggling ask someone for help – it’s not a sign of weakness it’s the strongest thing you can do. 

Tackle it head on – do not let it beat you down – you are strong and you will win, there’s always a rainbow after a storm 💕

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale – Postpartum Depression Questionnaire

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