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The Ultimate Gift Guide To Baby’s 1st Christmas

The Ultimate Gift Guide To Baby’s 1st Christmas

Baby’s 1st Christmas Gifts – It can be tough to decide what to buy a baby for their 1st Christmas that’s why I’ve created this ultimate gift guide to baby’s 1st Christmas to give you all the ideas you need.

They are usually too young for many toys plus the parents get millions of toys themselves for their little bundles of joy.

The most useful things you can buy a baby for their 1st Christmas are items that can and will be used – practical gifts are definitely the way forward.

The Ultimate Gift Guide To Baby's 1st Christmas

The Ultimate Gift Guide To Baby's 1st Christmas


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The Ultimate Gift Guide To Baby’s 1st Christmas:

1. Sleepsuits In The Next Size Up

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow at this age so a set of sleep suits will come in useful more quickly than you think. It’s always a good idea to buy a set / multi-pack as babies also have a knack of getting through these super quickly.

I recommend ones with built in scratch mitts to stop the little one scratching at their face in their sleep. 

2. Nappies In The Next Size Up

Again these will be super useful for when the baby gets a little bit older. If there’s one thing that you can count on it’s that a baby will need nappies and lots of them!

3. Bath Products

Babies have super sensitive skin so as most parents will tell you you can’t go wrong with a few Johnson’s baby products. Its always helpful to receive a little goody bag of baby bath products, good items to include are shampoo, a lavender bubble bath, a soft baby flannel and sponge and of course a rubber ducky!

4. Warm Blankets

It’s safe to say that by now the weather has taken a turn for the worst. Some lovely warm baby blankets would be especially useful. They can be used in the Moses basket or cot, out and about in the pram and also to wrap up the baby lovely and warm for snuggley cuddles.

5. Winter Coat / SnowSuit

Another one for the cold weather. A snowsuit is a must for younger ones when out and about in the December cold. I have to add I love little babies in snowsuits they just look so adorable. 

6. A Night Off For Mummy & Daddy

This has to be my all time favourite gift – OK so I admit it’s not technically for the baby but a well rested mummy and daddy makes for a happy baby. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. A great idea is a gift voucher for your local cinema and a bottle of something alcoholic. 



Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!

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  1. I agree! Lots of fab ideas here, practicality definitely wins, and I absolutely agree to five clothes in much bigger sizes, not 0-3 or 3-6 as lots of people do that, go bigger again!
    thanks for sharing on #TheBabyFormula, hope you can join next week too x

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