The Most Amazing Monthly Cooking Subscription Box For Kids

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The Best Monthly Cooking Subscription Box For Kids

As parents we have all faced the difficult challenge of getting our kids to eat something, anything please! Some little ones are defiantly more fussy than others.

A great way to get your child to want to try new foods is by encouraging them to join in with the making of the food themselves!

What better way to do this than by having a monthly cooking subscription box for kids delivered straight to your door.

Kidstir offer you kids cooking kits & recipes delivered straight to your door each month, each month there is a different kit filled with everything you need to encourage your child to have a healthy relationship with food and a life long love of cooking.

Kidstir offer different subscription levels on their website, they are as follows :

  • Monthly subscription $15.95 per month (Save 20%)
  • 3 month subscription $15.95 per month (Save 20%)
  • 6 month subscription $14.50 per month (Save 27%)
  • 12 month subscription $12.95 per month (Save 35% + BONUS binder)
If your a foodie, a cook or a total novice, these cooking subscription boxes for kids are perfect for you and your family. The kits contain delicious recipes, kid sized tools as well as fun & activities. both you and your child will love checking the mail each month to see what goodies you’ve received! Explore, cook and learn, and most importantly have fun with your family.
The best monthly cooking subscription boxes for children. Give your child a love for cooking.
Kidstir have some of the best subscription boxes around. They contain a different cooking kit for your child each month. Here are some of my favourite examples of the children’s cooking subscription boxes they do!

Snack Happy Kit

In this kit, you’ll find three recipes made with good-for-you ingredients. You’ll also learn facts about food, discover tips and tricks for your new kitchen tools, and play some foodie games.

The three snack happy recipes in this kit are :

  • Fish Food (not real actual fish food don’t worry!)
  • Power Munchies
  • Animal Crackers

With this kit you’ll receive a your very own fish cookie cutters and animal cookie cutters!

Snack Happy Kit - Cooking Subscription Box For Kids

Summer Sips Kit

In this kit, you’ll find three fun drink recipes that will turn you into a mix master. You’ll also learn some smoothie tips, discover tricks for scooping ice cream, and brush up on cool stuff about cukes.

The three smoothie recipes in this kit are :

  • Purple Power
  • S’more Shake
  • Summer Cooler

With this kit you’ll get an ice cream scoop to help you create the ultimate smoothie and also a veggie peeler.

Summer Sips Kit - Cooking Subscription Box For Kids

Bake Me Happy Kit

MMM a baking kit – delicious!

In this kit, you’ll find three amazing bakery recipes. You’ll also discover fun facts about bananas, learn kitchen skills and science, and play food games.

The three bakery recipes in this kit are :

  • Poppin’ Popovers
  • Go Bananas
  • Awesome Apple Crisp

You also get a cute kids sized whisk!

My favourite recipe from the bake me happy baking kit is the go bananas bread – purely because banana bread is literally one of my favourite things in the whole world!

Bake Me Happy Kit - Cooking Subscription Box For Kids

Each kit also comes with a handy shopping list of ingredients you need to make the recipes.

Don’t forget to take this with you. If your child comes shopping with you get them to help with picking out the food and crossing them of the list.

Including your child in the shopping process will help re-enforce a positive attitude to food.

Shopping List - Cooking Subscription Box For Kids

If you’re a mum who wants to raise children who have a healthy and happy connection to food then KidStir! is a great way to do this.

By educating and empowering your child about food, you can prepare them to make smart, healthy choices throughout their lives.

Good food can and should be fun for kids.

With a monthly cooking cooking subscription box for kids, you provide your children with their own cookbooks, encourage them to try out new foods, and learn all about where food comes from. All whilst giving them important life skills in the kitchen.

Whilst your waiting for you cooking kit to arrive why not try one of these great quick and easy meals for toddlers.

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