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Mummyitsok One Of The Best Postpartum Depression Blogs 2017

Mummyitsok One Of The Best Postpartum Depression Blogs 2017

Mummyitsok has been included in The Best Postpartum Depression Blogs 2017 by the amazing team at Healthline. How truly awesome is that. Whilst obviously i’m very pleased with myself to be a list of such other amazing postpartum depression that I admire, I’m also thrilled that postpartum depression is becoming a more normal topic of conversation and less of a taboo.

One of the main reasons I started Mummyitsok was to educate, inspire and help other mums who too have had or do have postpartum depression. I’d hope through my postpartum depression blog I’d let others know – hey its OK to have PPD and you will get better! Seems like it going right somewhere.

As always you find me shouting from every corner of the web about how important it is that postpartum depression is recognised early in mums and that the right treatment and support is provided. I will continue to campaign for better treatment for PPD as in some areas the services are less that adequate – but hopefully one day Maternal Mental Health with be taken more seriously.


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You can find many helpful articles on Mummyitsok about Postpartum Depression :

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I am over the moon to be telling you how honoured I am to be included in this list. There are so many great and inspirational blogs here that I read myself! Many of the blogs included helped me realise what I was feeling with my postpartum depression was totally normal and I found I was not alone – there is a massive online support network out there.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog and support my never ending shouting out for postpartum depression mums. I live in hope that we can one day end the stigma surrounding this mental illness.

Thank You So Much For All Your Support So Far!

You can see the complete list of The Best Postpartum Blogs 2017 here.

The Best Postpartum Depression Blogs 2017






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