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Mum Life – Real Life

Mum Life is a challenge. I never actually realised this until I became one. Oh I was so naive!

There’s so many things to juggle and not much time to achieve it. Consent worry and trying to tackle your own judgements as well as the ones others like to throw at you.

Mummyitsok likes to keep it real about Mum Life – the highs, the lows, and all the junk we deal with everyday as a mum.

As a mum myself I understand how it can be difficult and overwhelming at times. We all feel like this from time to time and that’s OK!

Blogging has helped me to know their are mums out there just like me. Mum Guilt is a real thing folks!

For that reason Mummyitsok has articles ranging from all different areas of Mum Life so you can see we are all in the same boat and rocking through this together!

Read the blog posts below.

How To Be The Perfect Mum : Good Enough Is Perfect …

We all wish we could be the Perfect Mum, but the reality is very different. Just ‘Good Enough’ is perfect enough.