How To Get Yourself Back In The Workforce After Maternity Leave

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How To Get Yourself Back In The Workforce After Maternity Leave

No Easy Decision – No Easy Task

Getting yourself back in the workforce after maternity leave is no easy decision and no easy task.

Whether it has been only a few weeks, six months or years later, the road ahead of you will be full of bumps and hurdles. This is not to say it is impossible, and you should not bother.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself back in the workforce after maternity leave,it is better to have some foresight and pointers to help you make this transition as smooth as possible.

The other thing to consider is, are you returning to your old company, or are you searching for a new position altogether?

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Are you a new mum returning to work, a mum with with school age children returning to work or a long-term mum ready to get in the workforce?

Here a some pointers for you about getting yourself back in the workforce after maternity leave or extended period away from work.

A New Mom In The Workforce After Maternity Leave

Families as we know, all come in different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Some families are not in a position to live on one income, so that decision may already be made for you.

You have to go back to work.  No matter how long you have been away, you will feel anxious about returning, yet you can prepare yourself.

Plan Ahead – the first day of leaving your child in daycare will be one of the hardest things you have to do.

To make it more bearable, you can take your child a couple of times before your first day.

Your child will be accustomed to the area, and you will be more relaxed as the daycare is a little more familiar.

Diving in headfirst – it might be worth speaking to your boss before you start. They might let you work a couple of half days in your first week, so you are not too overwhelmed.

If you are looking for a new position, your preparations may be different, as it will be a new job.

To give yourself the best chance of landing that job, make sure you have an updated resume and cover letter to go with it.

Don’t worry about the space that you will have when you were not working; this can be quickly filled in to explain, you were off work to raise a family.

Parent with School Age Children In The Workforce

If you have had an extended period off from work.This can be all the more daunting as things could have changed quite a bit.

There will be a few extra questions you have to ask yourself before returning.

Why do I want to go back to work? Do I want to do the same job? These are simple questions, yet they have a bearing on what route you take.

Your Expectations – these will have to be adjusted. You might find you have to accept a pay cut compared to what you used to earn in your field before you left.

While you have been away, things have not stopped and waited. You will have to work your way back up the career ladder.

You could also find you have to take an entry-level to get your foot back into the door, regardless of your work experience.

These new beginnings can open many opportunities, so keep an open mind.

While you have the chance at home, make sure you brush up on those new skills, even if they are not related to your career.

One such significant change will be in the field of technology; this may have advanced quite a bit.

Read articles, speak to old colleagues or check free online training that can help you get back up to speed.

Family friend companies are becoming quite popular these days, so searching for these as you are looking for that new position can be helpful, and may give you a road to a career you were not expecting.

From flexible working hours to some having day-care centres in their buildings. Every little bit of assistance helps in the long run.

Long-Term Parent Back In The Workforce

If you have been out of work for an extended period, things may need a different approach.

You might have to give yourself a good honest self-appraisal. What job do you want to do and what skill set do you need to accomplish this?

Being honest with yourself will not lead you into any areas where you are too uncomfortable.

Interviewing can also be a thing that you had thought, you would never have to do again. Guess what, it might just be coming back.

Practice makes perfect, so research the company whom you are targeting and brush up on your interview techniques using the knowledge you have on them.

Networking is a must. It is true that it is not what you know, it is whom you know, and this can be a blessing when returning to work, things might just work out a little easier than expected.

Embrace everything and use all the tools in your arsenal to go forward and land that position that you thought was going to be out of your reach.

Bio: Emma Anderson is the owner at Job Frog Resumes – Inbetween helping people get the job of their dreams she also runs around after an energetic 2-year-old and a hungry husband.



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