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How Are You Working Moms Doing It All?

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Would You Choose To Be A Stay at Home Mom Given The Opportunity?

I think I’d go crazy if I’d be a SAHM full-time, but working full-time has proven to be impossible for me.

Currently I’m working 4 days a week. I am grateful I have a job that pays the bills, but the work I do doesn’t challenge me or let me learn new abilities. Having to go there 4 times a week is a lot, especially while being a mom of a two year old. I’m also very happy that I have a wonderful husband with whom I share parenting and household tasks. I know there are a lot of single parents out there who have to face the work-parenting challenge alone.

How Are You Working Moms Doing It All-– Guest Post via Working MomMandy

In my previous job I worked 3 days a week and that worked really well for me and my family. I only had to bring my son to daycare once a week, while my husband took care of our son on Fridays and my mother in law on Thursdays. The balance was good. I had enough time to maintain our household, keep the house clean and the everlasting mountain of laundry  going. I had time to exercise, be social and have quality time with my family.

But working 3 days was very challenging financially. I was stressed out about living pay-check to pay-check and that we had to live on a dime. So I decided I’d work 4 days again in my new job to be financially healthy again.

But now after working at my new job for 6 months I am seeing signs that it’s just too much. My body is acting up. I’m extremely tired all the time. My tummy aches and I am beginning to lose weight again. My body is telling me I should take it down a notch. So I need to pull on my big girl panties and start making some changes.

I consulted my manager if it was possible to work 3 days instead of four. I work 3 days on one location and the fourth day on a location in a nearby city. Unfortunately they couldn’t do without an extra pair of hands on both locations. So the solutions I thought of are:

A: a colleague of another location takes over my Wednesday shift.

B: I start looking for a new job where I only have to work 3 days.

What is happening now in my life has happened in my two previous jobs as well. I take up a new challenge and put all my effort and energy in it. Then I found out I’m under-stimulated and the jobs isn’t what I expected it to be. Plus after going through this for the third time I need to take good care of myself and just acknowledge that working 3 days is enough for me.

How Are You Working Moms Doing It All?

MomMandy is a 30-something first time mom to Logan (2014) and wife to Sjoerd (graphic designer). On she blogs about how she’s trying to maintain balance between work, parenting and me-time. Blog, Twitter, Facebook

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