Mums Need To Stick Together : Mums Assemble! Mums Unite!

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Mums Need To Stick Together : Mums Assemble! Mums Unite!

It’s true that being a mum is a wonderful feeling and experience. However with it also comes a lot of worry, guilt and pressure. Some is self-inflicted, some is given by others and there’s always bucket fulls coming from social media. This is why I believe its so important that Mums need to stick together.

Mums Need To Stick Together - Mums Assemble! Mums Unite!

a href=””>Mums Need To Stick Together - Mums Assemble! Mums Unite!


So how we do we try and stay positive with all these pressures? For me the biggest thing is to keep telling myself that there’s no such thing as the perfect mum. That we do the best we can and that’s good enough.

Of course sometimes it’s dead hard to follow my own advice. I like to think that by us mums working together and supporting each other this gets easier to achieve.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m sick of all the articles telling us what we must and mustn’t do with our child so that they don’t have issues in later life. One I saw earlier this week was about making sure your little one got the right amount of sleep so that they didn’t have an increased risk of depression later in life. No pressure then!

I mean seriously who writes some of this drivel. They clearly have never tried to put a 3 year old to bed, who needs a drink and decides he needs to eat a packet of custard creams, because he’s magically hungry before bedtime. All the time complaining he wants you to take his new bed down (he liked his cot better). And now has decided there is a Monster on the landing …

I’m so so very sick of articles and websites that in one breath tell you mums should stick together and not judge each other then post articles totally going against this! I’m sure you have seen a few!

Truth is being a mum is flipping tough. We have enough shit to deal with without the added pressure and bollocks articles in the media and web making us feel ten times worse.

Mums Assemble! Mums Unite!

Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!


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2 thoughts on “Mums Need To Stick Together : Mums Assemble! Mums Unite!

  • August 11, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    So true. It’s tough being a mum and every child is different, there is no perfect way to parent, we are all just doing our best!

  • August 12, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    I know that a lot of times when I feel someone is judging, it’s because they are sharing an experience that is contrary to my own. And, more specifically, an experience I feel guilty about (i.e. something that makes me feel like a bad mom). You are SO right, none of us is perfect – not even the lady with the perfect pictures and perfect looking children!


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