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The Ultimate List Of Pinterest Group Boards For Mum Bloggers To Join

The Ultimate List Of Pinterest Group Boards

For Mum Bloggers To Join


Pinterest Group Boards for mum bloggers are one of the best ways to get your pins displayed to a large audience on Pinterest.

Also they help get more traffic to your mum blog buy encouraging people to click through your pin to your blog post.

Finding Pinterest group boards for mum bloggers to join can be difficult. Many are closed to new contributors. It can be real time consuming searching out group boards to join.

That’s where I come in to help. I’ve put together the list of group boards I personally use myself that are still accepting contributors.

That’s what makes this list so ultimate I know they are good because I’m using them already!

I’ve kept the list super easy to follow in an excel spreadsheet.

For each group there’s a link to it, instructions on how to join, the email address needed if applicable and how many pins you can post a day into the group.

Your Welcome!

The Ultimate List Of Pinterest Group Boards For Mum Bloggers To Join

You can get the list here for free – it’s all yours.

I hope this list helps you out a bit and I look forward to Pinning with you on these boards.

When emailing the board owners asking to join please do include all the information they need otherwise it will delay you getting added or you might not get added at all!

As the owner of the Mummy Blogger Posts Pinterest group board I receive a lot of requests from bloggers wanting to join.

I’m finding a large proportion of the emails I receive are missing the basic information I need to add someone to the board.

Now I usually reply back asking for the extra information but I can guarantee you not everyone will and you might be missing out on getting on a board.

Below I’ve put together an email template for you to use when applying to group boards to make sure you send all the right info!

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The Perfect Email Template To Get Added To Group Boards

So what are the right things to email someone when wanting to join there group board?

It’s important to give the name of the board you’d like to join. Many people have more than one group board ranging in subjects. Just putting I’d like to join your board isn’t very useful!

Then you also need to provide your Pinterest Profile link and your email address.

It’s also a good idea to provide your blog url as some group owners like to check on the quality of posts and pins that you wish to pin to their boards.

Here I’ve made you an email template you can use time and time again when applying to boards. Just copy and paste it into your email.

The Perfect Email Template To Get Added To Group Boards


I have come across your board *insert board name* and I would like for you to consider adding me as a contributor.

My details are as followers:

Group Board to join : *insert board name*

Pinterest Profile Link : *insert profile link*

Email Address: *insert email address associated with Pinterest account*

Blog URL: *insert your blog url*

Many Thanks

*your name*

Good Luck with joining these boards I’m looking forward to seeing you there soon!


Now you’ve joined all the group boards from the Ultimate List Of Pinterest Group Boards For Mum Bloggers you are going to need some help scheduling all your wonderful pins to the group boards.

If you wish you can do it manually but its highly time consuming and as mum bloggers we don’t have time for this!

The best way (I find) is to use a Pin Scheduler. You can set lots of pins up in a schedule and just leave it to pin away without a care in the world.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tailwind and BoardBooster by now, these are the two best pin schedulers. If not let me give you a little info on them.

What Is Tailwind?

Tailwind is the smartest way to manage your presence across the visual web (Pinterest & Instagram).

Tailwind is an official partner of both Pinterest and Instagram and offers a complete suite of marketing tools including Smart Scheduling, Analytics & Monitoring, Content Discovery, Promotion, and more.

Find out why over 100,000 bloggers, brands and agencies rely on Tailwind as their visual marketing co-pilot for winning on Pinterest and Instagram.

I have a FREE Month of Tailwind to give you – sign up here for your free months trial (no credit card details needed)

What is BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is a pin scheduling tool for bloggers. It helps manage Pinterest accounts by automatically spreading new pins over ideal pinning hours.

It can also save you time by re-pinning new blog posts to collaborative boards, and help you discover viral pins.

I have a FREE BoardBooster Trial for you to try – sign up here to get your free 500 pins trial (no credit card details needed)

Also please do come and join my Facebook Group for Mum Bloggers so we can connect, help each other out and enjoy being part of the So You Want To Start A Mum Blog Community.

Recap Of The Extra Things You Should Do Now

download the Ultimate List Of Pinterest Group Boards For Mum Bloggers
– sign up for your free Tailwind trial
– sign up for you free BoardBooster trial
 – Join Facebook Group – So You Want To Start A Mum Blog

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This is so useful! I really need to do more on Pinterest x Thank you xxx

Ciara Davis
PinPinterest com is till now the best tool I have found for managing my Pinterest and the webpage with respect to the schedule and the content. The amazing thing about it is that it is ever evolving and learning and this is possible due to the sophisticated artificial intelligence that it uses. It analyses the pins, images, the content and the way I set the schedules for the whole week and then it works automatically following the pattern and even saving the account from being banned as it imitates the human-speed…now that is something you don’t see in other tools… Read more »
Gemma - Mummy's Waisted

This is great, thank you! I’ve not ventured onto Pinterest yet, so this gives me a fab starting point x #READYSETLINK