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So You Want To Start A Mum Blog – Lets Go!

So You Want To Start A Mum Blog

Welcome to Step-By-Step. If you’re looking to start a mum blog you’re in the right the place. Step-By Step is a blogging series of guides and courses that are designed to help you through the processes you need to start a mum blog. 

A Little About Me

Hi ! I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now. My full-time job roles have included Web Product Manger & Data Officer, so I know a little about the web, eCommerce, and yes spreadsheets! ( I apologise now for my spreadsheet obsession in the Data Officer in me!).

I’m also Google certified. I’ve done a lot of reading, research and courses and now I’ve decided to share what I know with other mums looking to set up a mum blog.

I’ve been thinking back to when I first wanted to start a mum blog and how I had to search multiple sites and resources to find the best information on the topic I needed help with at the time. I’m hoping in time Mummyitsok will become your one stop shop for everything blogging!

Step-By-Step Guides To Help You Start A Mum Blog

I’m a massive believer in step-by step guides. They are easier to follow and more importantly easy to come back to and carry on from where you left off! i don’t know about you but for me this is especially true being a mum as i get interrupted every 5 minutes. If I couldn’t come back to the guides and easily find where I was I’d never make it to the end.

Here are the Step-By-Step Guides that are currently available on Mummyitsok. Please do sign up to the newsletter so that you don’t miss new releases.

How To Buy A Domain Name & Get Self Hosted With A Mum Blog
How To Find Your Voice With Your Mum Blog
The Ultimate List Of Pinterest Group Boards For Mum Bloggers To Join


Let’s Connect

First of all I’d like you join my Facebook Group – So You Want To Start A Mum Blog. Here I’ll be publishing the how to guides. Answering your questions on blogging – (if I can!) and helping you on your mum blog journey!

There will be promo threads for you to promote your latest blog posts. Along with daily threads to help boost your Facebook page, Pinterest Page, Instagram etc.

Please don’t post on the wall – I will remove them. Only post on the correct threads on the right days. I don’t want this group to be spammed to death thanks!

      Group Rules

  • 1. Keep It Friendly
  • 2. No Foul Language Or Behaviour
  • 3. You May Post On The Wall To Say & Introduce Yourself & Your Blog When Joining The Group.
  • 4. No Promo On The Wall Outside Of Threads
  • 5. No Spamming The Wall
  • 6. No affiliate links

    Group Thread Days Are As Follows :

  • Monday – Ask A Question Day
  • Tuesday – Pinterest Pin Promo Day
  • Wednesday – Collaboration Day
  • Thursday – Blog Post Promo Day
  • Friday – Facebook Page Promo Day

Teachable School

Not only will I be publishing step-by-step guides here on the blog but i’ll also be providing you with courses that can be taken along side the blog posts. Many of the courses will be FREE as I don’t believe you should have to pay for the start-up information on how to start a mum blog.

I know that many of you will be here to start a mum blog in the hope that it will bring in some additional money to the household. I know how difficult it is to justify spending money on anything that isn’t related to the house or the kids! So I don’t want to charge you anything for getting started up. 

Join Me Here : Teachable School – So You Want To Start A Mum Blog

I’ll be regularly updating the school with FREE help such as The Ultimate Mum Blogger Pinterest Group Boards To Join which is here now!

Get The Best Mum Blogging Ebook Around

If you do happen to have a few dollar spare, then I recommend this Ebook. No I didn’t write it! I’m not quite a book writing level yet. I have personally brought and used this course from own money so I’m not being sponsored to tell you how amazing this Ebook is. It REALLY is amazing and has helped me so much with starting my very own mum blog!

So what is this amazing super cool Ebook and course? It is the Blog By Number Course. By Suzi Whitford.

You can buy two versions of this course the Blog By Number Ebook ($18) or the Blog By Number Complete Package ($47) , which also includes video tutorials, worksheets, stock images and the Ebook.

I have the Blog By Number Complete Package and I wish I’d brought it much sooner than I had!

Who Is This Course For?

The Blog by Number course from Start a Mom Blog is designed for moms who would like to start a blog.

It contains step by step tutorials that are quick and easy to follow.

The course goes through the steps from starting a blog, to choosing the right domain name, to setting up a free theme, getting traffic, to the exact steps showing you how to make money with your blog.

start a mum blog

So are you ready to join in with Step-By-Step and learn how to start a mum blog? Lets Go!

Recap Of The Extra Things You Should Do Now

Join Facebook Group – So You Want To Start A Mum Blog
Join Teachable My School – So You Want To Start A Mum Blog
– Buy The Blog By Number Ebook Or Course
– How To Buy A Domain Name & Get Self Hosted With A Mum Blog
– Get The Ultimate Mum Blogger Pinterest Group Boards To Join List

***the links in this article are affiliate links. If you purchase something I will receive a small commission from the seller at no extra cost to you***



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Jane Murguia

Thanks for this. Been wanting to start my own mum blog. Now I’m gonna follow these steps.