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Please Toddler Making Me Crazy Just Stop!

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Please Toddler Making Me Crazy Just Stop!

Toddler Making Me Crazy? It’s highly probable, someday’s he won’t sleep, he won’t eat and his mood is questionable at best.

So are toddlers little cutie pie’s or are then sent here to try our patience? You decide!

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Toddler Making Me Crazy Through Sleep Deprivation

For the record little man – 4.30am is NOT an acceptable time to get up for the day, especially when mummy and daddy work 9-5 weekdays. The days are long and drawn out and trying to sit at my desk without falling asleep is becoming my daily mission. Plus when I pick you up from pre-school your mood is questionable and mine is so frail from battling work all day on minimum sleep that i’m really not ready to cope with your crying because I haven’t brought a cake for you to eat on the way home! Please don’t come in my room tomorrow at the crack of dawn and tell me ‘Mummy, I want to go downstairs and have breakfast!‘ Go back to bed like I ask you and sleep until at least 6.30am – you’ll feel so much better and so will we!

Toddler Making Me Crazy – By Questioning My Sanity

Lately my toddler has decided to argue and disagree with me about everything. This would normally be OK as of course I know I’m right. However with the sleep deprivation at full max I’m now starting to question am I really right or am I losing my mind and my little three year old is in fact correct?

The Car Is Yellow NOT Blue Mummy!

Toddler : Mummy the car is yellow

Me : No Sweetie its blue

Toddler : No Mummy its YELLOW!

Me : No its blue


Me : *maybe he’s right* * gets out of car to check the colour, nope it definitely blue – phew I haven’t lost my mind YET*

Toddler Making Me Crazy – By Trashing The House

Toddlers are like mini tornado’s. When they enter the room and every single toy has to come crashing out the box in one giant crash. You know how it goes you’ve vacuumed up and actually managed to get the polish out and dust for the first time that month. Your front room looks mildly presentable if any one comes round. Yet your toddler manages to destroy all your hard work in 10 minutes. Before you know it there’s flapjack trodden back into your carpet. *Sigh*

Toddler Making Me Crazy By Trying To Give Me A Black Eye In My Sleep

The little man joins us in bed and I end up with his feet in my face. This seems to be how it ends every morning (when I say morning I mean middle of the night). One day I’ll go to work looking like I’ve been beaten up! For some crazy reason he seems to have an obsession about rubbing his feet in my hair – very strange! I just don’t understand how we have a king size bed but yet manage to get squished to death by the smallest person in the house! No wonder I’ve always got a crick in my neck it’s all starting to make sense now.

Toddler Making Me Crazy – Upset The Cat By Shouting At Him?

So my 2 and a half year old has taken to telling off our cat. He yells at him to come inside because its cold. He’ll shout at him to get off the grass because ‘its naughty’. He shouts at him ‘roar I’m a monster’ then wonders why he wont come over to be stroked or fed by him. Poor cat’s 11 years old I don’t think he’s enjoying sharing his house with a toddler who’s super loud. Sorry puss cat I know how you feel mate.

Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!

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Your lovely cat, how is he coping! it sounds like your toddler is full of beans! Lovely post x


Oh how I love this post! I’ve thought quite a few of these a time or two 😉


OMG I’m going back to work in 4 months after being off with my second baby and toddler. I remember working full time first time around and being tired and pregnant. This time I fear for the sleepless nights (little man STILL wakes for milk and he’s not a demanding toddler yet!), early mornings and forgetting TWO cakes coming back from childcare. Eek!