10 New Year Resolutions That Help You Be A Better Mum

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The Best New Year Resolutions For Mums

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about our New Year Resolutions.

As a Mum I believe that New Year Resolutions that help you be a better Mum are the ones that can and will make a big difference to not only our daily lives but our children’s too.

I don’t know about you, but as a Mum who also works full-time I don’t have time for much and often feel a mountain of guilt and stress.

Yet somehow I always manage to come up with a New Year Resolution that’s totally unachievable. Not to mention I’m never in a million sqillion years going to find time to do it.

That’s why this year I’m going to focus on one small thing that will make a big difference to me as a Mum, and help me be a better Mum.

With all this in mind I’ve come up with 10 New Year Resolutions that help you be a better mum. They are a bit more self care related and good for your mind and soul 🙂

FYI you’re only meant to pick one and focus on that not all ten options!

10 New Year Resolutions that help you be a better Mum. Try these New Years Resolutions For Moms to start your New Year in the best possible way.

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10 New Year Resolutions That Help You Be A Better Mum

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Mums

This does you no good at all. It makes you feel worst about yourself and your abilities as a mother.

No-one is the perfect mother we just do our best to be a good enough mum.

2. Make Time For Your Own Self Care

This is so important. As Mums we spend so much time focusing on our kids that we often neglect ourselves. Then when we do have time for ourselves we feel guilty!

Taking care of your needs is vital so that you can be a better mum. A well rested Mum is a happy Mum.

Check out my tips for self care.

3. Start A Gratitude Journal

It’s easy to get lost in the negative thoughts and think you’re doing a bad job.

That’s why keeping a Gratitude Journal can help you massively as it helps you keep focus on the good in your daily life.

4. Stop With The Mum Guilt

Give yourself a break you’re doing a good job as Mum. It’s easy to feel guilty about everything such as the amount of time you spend with your children, how you raise them, if you should be doing better.

All this worry is no good for you at all – we all do the best we can and the negative thoughts will just bring you down.

Give up the Mum Guilt and focus on the here and now.

5. Let Others Help You

As mums we feel like we should be super woman and be able to do everything for everybody all the time.

However, we often end up burnt out, stressed to the max and ready for a major mental overload. If someone offers to help you with something say yes please! Letting someone help does not mean you’re doing a bad job as a Mum.

6. Learn To Ask For Help

We all need help at some point in our lives. Mums are no exception to the rule. Learning to ask for help will make a huge difference to your well-being.

It can be anything from help with chores or a break from the kids so you can have a bath and get some self care.

Remember asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness.

7. Learn To Say No

Learning to say no is just as important as asking for help. You already have a lot on with school drop offs, pick ups, after school clubs, school plays, your job, the house maybe a pet, maybe more than one child!

No-one can do it all – sometimes you just have to say No I’m sorry I can’t do that or make it there I’m already too busy. You can’t be everywhere at once. Plus you need a break too.

8. Keep A Family Planner

A vital part of any Mums success – the family planner! It’s difficult to remember who has got what on and when. Keeping it all together in one place is a sure fire way that you won’t forget anything.

Then if anything new does crop up you can check the planner to make sure you’re actually free and don’t double book yourself (again!)

9. Put Your Phone Away

When spending time with your children try and put your phone away a bit more. It will help you focus more on them and you won’t miss out on stuff by having your head stuck in your phone.

Also it gives you a chance to take some breaks from social media which is great as sometimes it can enhance your Mum Guilt and comparing of yourself to other mums.

10. Spend Extra Time With The Children

As much as your kids drive you round the bend you also love them to bits. Spending some quality time together each week, even just an hour or so will benefit you both.

It’s funny how even when you’ve had the worst day ever and have proper had enough of the world and everyone in it how a big hug from your little one just makes all the stress disappear.

So there you have it my list of new year resolutions that help you be a better mum.

Pick one of the above resolutions that will help you be a better mum this year or pick your own and comment below with your choice!

Remember it’s important to look after yourself to.

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