51 Of The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

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51 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

The first Halloween with your baby is the perfect opportunity to start filling up the family album with embarrassing photos you can show them when they’re 18. Whats more embarrassing for them than a cute picture of them in one of the many adorable Halloween costumes for babies?

As a parent though I can’t be the only one that thinks little ones look totally adorable all dressed up for Halloween? No? I didn’t think so that’s why I’ve created you this list of 51 adorable Halloween costumes for babies.

Best of all they are all available online so you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your own home in this dark cold spooky weather!

Ready for some serious cuteness and going ahhhh lots? Lets get started..

1-10 – Traditional Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

These traditional costumes are perfect if you looking for a spooky Halloween outfits for your baby. Spooky and adorable Halloween costumes for babies all rolled in to one! Here you have a pumpkin, a spider, a bat, a witch, a vampire, a cat, a Frankenstein and a devil! Which one will you pick for your little devil?

Wittle Werewolf Infant Costume – $34.99 
One day, believe it or not, your new pup will suddenly become too cool to be a werewolf. Trust us, we’ve seen it a million times. They get all scared the townsfolk will form a mob and come after them with torches, and before you know it, they’re keeping their true identity a secret. It’s a shame, but you know how teen wolves are.That’s why it’s so important to capture those precious moments while you still can and introduce your pup to the rest of the pack in all his adorable glory before he becomes a big, moody wolf. Do it this Halloween (or just the next full moon, whichever comes first) with the Wittle Werewolf Infant Costume, which will give your pup a furry mane of wolf hair in the wag of a tail.And because you’re a young werewolf family that constantly needs to keep up with the pack, this getup is easy to get on and off, with a Velcro opening at the back, and pants with an elastic waist so your wolfling doesn’t feel too constricted (that’ll start happening in those pesky teen years we were just talking about. Sorry for the reminder).Best of all, with a pair of ragged blue jeans and a plaid shirt with unfinished seams, the Wittle Werewolf Infant Costume has that classic wolfman look. Because, again, it might be hard to convince him to dress like your heroes (like Lon Chaney Jr. and Benicio del Toro, if you’re into remakes) when he reaches that age!

Infant Crafty Little Witch Costume – $24.99 
Well, it’s probably about time you start training your little one in the ways of the witch. Although you might want to save potions for when she’s a bit older. For now, you can grab her this Infant Crafty Little Witch Costume and she’ll be well on her way to being the cutest witch in the whole town!This adorable getup comes with a dress that already has a built-in netting petticoat.

The striped undershirt is also attached to the rest of the dress. To complete her new supernatural look all you need to do is add the included cute cone hat and, viola. Before you know it, your home will be as wild as Fantasia! Although if you just hold off on teaching her the secret to magic, you’ll just have the most darling sorceress-in-training crawling around your home. Take her around the block this Halloween and she’ll be sure the charm all of your friends and neighbours.

She’ll collect more candy than you’ll know what to do with, so you may want to start making plans! If your little girl is already a huge fan of accessorising then be sure to take a look through our collection of fun witch-themed accessories. You can grab her a cute cauldron to carry around all her candy this year as well as a magic wand of a fast flying broom.

Give the little girl in your world a magical Halloween by starting it off this Infant Crafty Little Witch Costume. Get her started young and soon enough she’ll be as masterful with her witchcraft as you!

11-20 – Super Hero Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

Kids and adults alike are big on dressing up as super hero’s for Halloween. There’s nothing cuter than a super hero baby! Here we have outfits for Spiderman, Superman, Robin, Batman, Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Flash Girl, and the Flash. Pick your favourite below and order it before it goes as quick as a flash!

Baby Jack Jack Deluxe Infant Costume – $34.99
Every parent knows the feeling of looking at their newborn babe and believing with unshakable conviction that they are capable of anything. They have talents that put them above the ranking charts of any other babe, maybe taking their first steps a little ahead of schedule or muttering clearer words than other tykes their age. Flaring up their eye lasers well before Jimmy-down-the-street could even start using his thumbs opposably!Wait… your tyke isn’t peering out laser vision? Well, there’s no reason to be alarmed. Every baby develops different powers and perhaps shooting fire out of their eyes isn’t the most ideal power for a little kiddo to be having, anyway. There are plenty of other possibilities that might be far more fitting. Flight? Super-strength? Shapeshifting? Invisibility? Ultra-powerful teeth? Hrmm. Now that we compose a short list of them, a baby having any of these powers while still in the middle of development might make for some pretty intimidating early years. But, we know that you’ll love your child no matter what!So, you might as well get used to the incredible infant that you’ve got with this Baby Jack-Jack Deluxe Infant costume. The polyester fabric jumpsuit fastens with Velcro at the back of the neck and snaps at the crotch and inseams for easy wear and changing. The bright orange fabric shines with the Incredibles logo on the chest and the foam hood fastens under the chin while giving an adorable tuft of faux fur hair. Whether your babe develops laser vision, demonic shape changing, flight, strength, or all the above, your kiddo will look the part and be ready to show off all the development milestones in no time.

Supergirl Onesie – $29.99
Holy Hera!You know your little girl is super. Just look at those cute cheeks, how could she not be? But have you ever thought she might be a superhero too? She is incredibly strong, lifting herself off the floor, hoisting her toys in the air only to drop them on herself and not get hurt.Diana Prince was a baby once, and look how she turned out. We’d say she was a fantastic superhero. Heck, she seemed to be the only one who could keep Batman and Superman from fighting. But now she needs a little help. She doesn’t want to be the only woman who fights crime, she has been doing it for a long time. She just needs a little break.That’s why she had us hold this Supergirl Onesie for some special girl. And we think we found that super girl. Your baby will be learn to fly after you put this onesie on her. You won’t be able to stop her from picking fights with guys twice her size, but while she is small she is mighty. As long as you teach her that she is. Diana knows what your little cutie pie is capable of, and so do you. You just have to let your little girl figure out that nothing can stop her, not even Lex Luthor, as long as she believes in herself! We accept no responsibility for her flying around and going number two though, we just held the onsie, it’s your job to make sure she doesn’t do the doodoo all over the house.
51 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies | Halloween Outfits For Baby | Best Halloween Costumes For Toddlers |

Are you looking for the most adorable Halloween costumes? Look now further this list has you covered. Also great for the best Halloween outfits for toddler and baby.


51 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies | Halloween Outfits For Baby | Best Halloween Costumes For Toddlers |

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21-30 – Adorable Halloween Rompers For Babies

These make adorable Halloween costumes for babies. If your baby is quite young you may prefer a Halloween Romper rather than a full on costume. This can be more comfy for the little one plus they won’t get too hot and you still have quick access should any nappy emergency happen….as we all know those can be totally ghastly.

Infant My First Halloween Onesie – $29.99
Of all the holidays in one’s life, there are few that mean more to so many than the momentous firsts in an infant’s initial year. Especially, of course, to you: the parents.There are a lot of firsts, in fact, some of which you’ve probably gotten to experience! Take, for example, the first crawl or the first little dance. There was, of course, the first nerve-wracking car ride and then the first night home from the hospital. Then there was, unfortunately, the first marathon crying session and the first thrown plate of food the first bruise, even, from a bottle he or she threw at you.There might be a first favourite food or television show or song or relative (but don’t tell the others!).A little one’s first Halloween can be a momentous event, especially considering it’s likely the first first that warrants a celebratory costume! You (and your little one) should celebrate the occasion by dressing her in this Infant My First Halloween Onesie!It’s made out of a soft, comfy cotton fabric, the crotch snaps, make diapering easy for you, and “My 1st Halloween” is printed on the front, so everyone can celebrate with you. The pants have an elastic waist with printed candy corn along the legs, and the booties feature padded soles and elastic ankle bands to ensure hard surfaces have little impact on those fragile little feet. Oh, and it’s super-cute making this a first-time at least you won’t soon forget!

Infant Li’l Pumpkin Onesie – $29.99 
Pumpkins are the quintessential Halloween icon. Whenever you think of Halloween, the first thing likely to pop into your mind is an image of a perfectly orange pumpkin. Pumpkins are so cute that we’ve taken to calling our little one’s pumpkin as a sign of affection. So what could be more perfect for your little one this Halloween than a pumpkin costume? Cute on top of more cute!Not only is a pumpkin costume adorable, but it’s also quite festive and practical. Having a way to get at those diapers easily is a must-have for any parent ready to take their little pumpkin out for a night on the town! Getting at diapers is one thing. Also having something that keeps your little pumpkin warm is essential for chilly Halloween nights, which is why a romper is such a great choice!It ticks all of them must-have boxes for an infant Halloween costume. Your child will be the cutest one in the preschool pumpkin patch in this Infant Li’l Pumpkin Onesie! It has convenient inseam snaps for easy diapering and a cute jack-o’-lantern face printed on the front. The orange romper also has a collar of green leaves for added detail. The hat and booties also have the printed jack-o-lantern face and the hat has green leaves sewn to the top for a look that is straight from the pumpkin patch! The booties have elastic at the ankles so that they stay in place all night long while also keeping your little one’s feet nice and toasty!

31-40 – Disney / Pixar Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

Disney are Pixar are also a bit hit with kids, there is so much to choose from. Disney Princess, Star Wars, Toys Story, Winnie The Pooh. The list is endless. Your little one will look amazing as their favourite (or your favourite!) Disney character. 

Dumbo Infant Costume – $34.99 
What can we say about Disney’s Dumbo? On the surface, it’s an animated film about a baby elephant, but it’s so much more than that! It’s a movie about learning how to be yourself in the face of adversity. About following your dreams, even if they are a little bit left of the dial. It’s about making friends who accept you for you. It’s about believing in yourself, even when a bunch of big old elephant ladies are mean to you.Also, there’s a weird part with hallucinations of pink elephants…we’re not really sure what that was all about. Of course, your little one probably didn’t get all that from the classic cartoon, but he still loves Dumbo, which is why your little one will love this cute infant costume!This Dumbo Infant Costume makes your child look just like the adorable character from the movie. The tiny outfit has the giant ears, the red collar and the yellow hat that all help to create the cartoonish look made famous by the film. It’s a great look for any little fan!

Pinocchio Infant Costume – $34.99 
If you’re a new parent, one thing you know for a fact that maybe you didn’t before is that your infant definitely has no strings on them. They do whatever they want to do, when they want to do it, and since they can’t do it for themselves, you know better than anyone that if anyone has strings on them, it’s you. Time to feed, time to nap, time to cry without an end in sight. Yep! You know who’s at the controls in this situation. You know who else had no strings? Pinocchio, the lovable little scamp who was once a wooden puppet but somehow, with a wish upon a star, became a real boy.You’re probably always had a real child though. If your little one is your wish come true, then this officially licensed Pinocchio costume from Disney is a great option for Halloween or any event. Taking them on their first trip to Disneyland? This would be perfect. Maybe he’ll meet the real Pinocchio! We like the sound of that photo op!

41-50 – Animal Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

YAY babies dressed as cutie animals! You can not find more adorable Halloween Costumes for babies than that of a cute animal! Here we have a tiger, a duck, a lion, an elephant, a panda, a penguin and a rabbit.

All of these are just too much for my little heart to take! They have left me squealing like a little pig in delight! Its just a total cuteness overload. 

Infant Baby Lamb Costume – $24.99 
Have you ever seen a field of newborn lambs and their mothers? It’s the sweetest sight in the world. It’s hard to believe there’s a baby animal in the world that love the springtime more than a lamb. Little lambs have this amazing ability to spring into the air, seemingly without effort. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of energy?When you first brought your baby home, things were hectic. There were the endless nighttime feedings, the constant worry: is your kiddo warm enough, cool enough, dry and content? Well, just imagine how those poor ewes feel. As soon as they have their kids (no pun intended) those mamas have hours before their little before their babies are standing.It doesn’t take much more time before the lambs are running and jumping off rocks and bouncing over one another. If you thought you didn’t have enough time before your little one started crawling, just imagine if your week old baby continuously insisted on jumping off boulders. Luckily for you, you’re a human, having lambs isn’t really in our wheelhouse. Your little lamb is much more docile and, hopefully, a little less foolhardy. We’d bet five bucks, though, that your baby is just as cute as a lamb, at least after you put this super sweet jumper on. Perfect for Easter, Halloween, or anytime you need an extra dose of cute. When you see your little one dozing in the soft, white fleece, you’ll be happy that those jumping days are a year or two in the future. Who knows, you might even be ready for it.

Infant Baby Bear – $34.99 
It can be really tough raising a bear cub in this world. You’ll spend most of your day foraging through the dense forest for nuts, berries and other food to provide for your cub. You need to protect them from wild coyotes. You must show them how to dig a den inside of a cave and how to use a big tree to scratch their back. They need you yo teach them how to hibernate through the cold, cold winters. Actually, that doesn’t sound THAT hard… if only being a parent of a human baby was that easy! Maybe it’s time that you turned your little infant into a bear cub. Just think about it!Instead of having to deal with the problems of raising a human child, you just have to gather nuts and berries during the day and take long naps to show them how to hibernate! Lucky for you, we happen to have this infant baby bear costume that will help you turn your baby into the most adorable little cub in the whole wide world. The infant baby bear costume is designed for your little cub! It comes with a soft brown jumpsuit with checkered patterns on the ears, chest and feet. The booties even have little heart-shaped appliques on the soles. It’s an ultra-adorable way to turn your child into a bear cub, so you can become a proud ursine parent and leave your life of being a human parent behind you!

51 – Special Halloween Outfit For Your Pet

OK OK I admit it – number 51 is not technically belong in an adorable Halloween costumes for babies post. However, if you do have a pet dog you do totally need this for him on Halloween. Just imagine how ace he’d look! ROAR!  (sorry I failed thinking of a 51!)

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