How To Bring More Bliss To Your Weekdays

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How To Bring More Bliss To Your Weekdays

Can anyone truthfully admit that they enjoy Monday through Thursday more than the weekend? We are constantly looking forward to the weekend ahead, and the activities we reserve for these days – even if it’s just lounging on the couch!

When you’re wishing for the weekend all week long, your work week can seem like an eternity. And when you have this negative mindset about your work week, it can ultimately stretch the week to feel even longer.

With these feelings, mothers often become extremely stressed and let it spill into all areas of their lives. Accordingly to Psychology Today, experiencing too much stress will lead to less sleep, anxiety, and even weight gain.

However, we should not worry, there are ways to combat these feelings! Scattering in some small joyous actions throughout the week, can bring your weekend feels right into the weekdays!

Giving these five tips a try will give you a great jump-start on self-care while adding more bliss to your weekdays:

1 – Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

While in the midst of being in a funk, we’ve all received the advice to “step outside our comfort zone!” “push your limits!” or “extend yourself!”

When receiving these bits of guidance, we often wonder if it has any merit, or will it just add to the daily stress we experience each week. Staying within your routine is safe and allows you to perform with minimal stress.

Although this is not a bad thing, trying something new and administering “optimal anxiety” can push you to your maximum performance. Start out by signing up for a new workout class at your local gym or join a mommy and me group!

Volunteering is also a great way to get yourself out and about. Knowing you are helping to make a positive impact by donating some of your time to volunteer is healthy for your ego and allows you to motivate others to join in and do the same!

2 – Treat Yourself

Indulge in something that makes you feel good. Take the feeling of selfishness out of the equation, you deserve this act of self-care! A good place start could be shopping.

Revamp your wardrobe with new and durable clothing. What you wear can have a direct impact on your overall well-being and even how you carry yourself.

Replacing your stretched out undergarments for a bra that is durable enough for your chaotic life can allow you to relax and feel even more confident to take on the week!

Other great ways to show yourself the love could be stopping after work for a manicure, spending a little extra on food brands you would normally would opt out on, or even buy a nice lunch for yourself instead of bringing that same pb&j!

3 – Moments of Silence

Take the time to do nothing. I know the excuse you have already lined up to say for this: “I’m too busy!” However, this investment doesn’t have to be a huge one! Allowing five or ten minutes to reflect in silence can do wonders! Start by simply taking a small portion of the day to focus on yourself.

What you do during your quiet time is up to you. It could be a time where you meditate and reflect on your day, or journaling all your thoughts down.

If you happen have a larger portion of time set aside, start a new book, get a light workout in, or simply lay down and rest your eyes. Recharge in these little acts of kindness towards yourself and your body will be forever grateful.

These “mummy me time” moments will be the gift that keeps on giving!

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4 – Midweek Date Night

A night out away from home can be a good way to get a change of scenery and break up the busy week. It can serve as a great way to connect with your loved ones and avoid getting cabin fever!

Try out a new restaurant with your partner or go to happy hour with your co workers after work! If you cannot find a sitter, plan an activity “date” with your kids.

This can be great for the kids as well because they might be experiencing the hump day blues right along with you! It could serve as a great opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.

Check out a local museum, have a picnic dinner in the park, or even catch the newest movie! These activities will allow the whole family to de-stress and bring fun right back into the week!

5 – Keep Your Space Clean

Keeping a tidy home and work space allows you to embrace your best self. Having a messy space can actually cause anxiety and stress, and we all could use a little less of that in our lives!

As a busy mother, keeping your home clean can be quite the task. The constant scatter of toys and the terrifying mountain of laundry piling up in the corner can haunt us in our nightmares! A mess can actually make one feel out of control, and give the impression that our work is never done (how terrible is that!).

Try tackling the clutter one section at a time! Putting your focus on one area can allow you to mentally get a handle on the task, and give you that small win when it’s completed! Also, who said cleaning can’t be fun? Blast your favourite tunes, pour yourself a glass of wine, and dust that furniture!

As mums who are dedicated to their families, it can be easy to lose ourselves in that role. After all, unhappiness can overwhelm us! Taking the time to add enjoyment into the dreaded work week can trickle down to ultimately impact our mental health.

Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!

Do you have a little tip that helps you along through the week? We’d love to get your opinion, comment below!

How to bring bliss to your weekdays. Being a working mum can be stressful during the week, try these tips to bring some calm and peace to your week as a busy working mum.

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