How To Join A Linky Party (and why you should)

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How To Join A Linky Party (and why you should)

Hi There! After starting my Linky Party #READYSETLINK a few weeks back, I’ve had a lot of questions from fellow mum bloggers asking how to join a Linky Party. I thought it would be best to write the answer as a blog post so that the information is easily there for you all.

Let’s start with the basics of how to join a Linky Party…

What Is A Linky Party?

A Linky Party is a blog post on some-ones website that lets you link to a blog post on your website. You link to a post on your website via a tool in the blog post.

Why Is Joining A Linky Party Good For My Blog?

Once you’ve linked up your post – you get a nice back-link. It’s important to build up your list of back-links to your blog – read why here. When you comment on other bloggers posts you will also create another back-link to your site – win win.

Also it’s a great way to share your content in-front of a newer and wider audience that may have no previously read your blog. Plus it gives you the chance to meet new bloggers and make friends with others in the blogging community.

Joining a Linky Party will also help you get extra page views and comments on the blog post you feature on the Linky.

Do Linky Parties Have Rules?

Yes – the rules for each Linky will be different so it is important you read and follow them to be fair to everyone joining in.

Rules usually include; how many posts you can link up; the topic of the post; how many other bloggers blog posts you need to comment on; when commenting use the relevant hashtag, put a linky badge on your blog post.

There could be more or less rules than above – but please do follow them.

Good Etiquette For Joining A Linky Party

  1. Follow the Host on social media – you will be kept up to date on when the linky is open.
  2. Follow the rules of the linky
  3. Add the badge to your blog post
  4. Follow other bloggers that link-up
  5. Share others posts you like from the Linky Party

How To Add A Linky Party Badge To Your Blog Post

Most Linky Parties you join in with will ask you to put a Linky Badge on the blog post your a linking up. so how do you add the linky badge to your blog post?

Most badges will have some HTML code that you can put into your blog post that will display the badge.

First you need to copy this HTML code.

for e.g this is my badge – to put it into a blog post you need to copy the funky looking code that comes up in the box

How To Join A Linky Party

Next you need to go into your blog post so you can edit it. If you are using WordPress you will need to click on the text across the top (it’s next tp the visual one!)

How To Join A Linky Party

You’re screen will display you a tonne of code – scroll to the bottom

When at the bottom pasted in the code for the linky badge that you copied earlier.

Click back on the visual tab and the badge should display at the bottom of your blog post.

Save It!

How To Join A Linky Party And Link Up?

It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds (thankfully!)

You will see a little blue button that looks like this :

How To Join A Linky Party

Click it.

You will then get a screen that looks similar to this (depending on what tool is being used by the host of the Linky for their Link Party)

How To Join A Linky Party

URL BOX : In the URL box you need to put the URL of the blog post on your blog that you’d like to link up (not your homepage, unless this is allowed in the linky)

for e.g if I wanted to add this post to a Linky I’d put in

NAME BOX : You can put your name or your blog name

for e.g I put Mummy It’s OK

EMAIL BOX : you will need to enter a valid email address

for e.g I use my blog email address.

Press The Submit Link Blue Button

When you then go back to the Linky Party Page your link will show there : you can then follow the rules about commenting etc.

How To Join A Linky Party

There you have it – a guide on how to join a Linky Party! If you need anymore help with this please do comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out.

If you’d like to join in my Linky Party #READYSETLINK you can find the newest one to link to here : ReadySetLink Linky Party

Happy Linking!

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    I love link ups. l used to join them all the time when I first started blogging almost 5 years ago. Sadly, most of them are gone. So, I’m always excited when I find a new one.

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    This is great information! I’ve been needing to learn about link parties and how to participate in them! Definitely pinning to reference back to later.

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