How To Practice Self Care For Mums

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How To Practice Self Care For Mums

The exciting thing about being a mother and motherhood is that you get to love up on your little ones, get endless cuddles, kisses and hugs. However, on the other side of that is “you time” and your own self care for mums.

It is far and few between, your needs get pushed to the bottom of the list and you rarely have time for yourselves.

I understand that coming second to your families needs is apart of motherhood. It comes with a great deal of sacrifice, but I don’t believe it has to.

There’s a way to carve out 10-15 minutes of your daily Mummy grind to give back to yourself, love yourself and allow yourself to decompress.

The sad thing is that some women just deal with juggling it all and don’t understand the emotional, physical and mental ramifications of not taking care of ourselves, that eventually bleed into our families lives, our children and quality of our household.

It’s extremely important to bring the awareness and importance of self care for mums into the forefront of motherhood.


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Being able to put yourself first is not about selfishness or not taking care of our children, it’s the complete opposite, its a gift that keeps giving.

It’s not a question of selfishness, but its a question of value.  If you see the value in self care, all mums would take the time to actually give to themselves so that all the good things start to ripple out into their lives.

Below are easy ideas to implement self care for mums into your life. In the comfort of your own home:


Exercise is the best and quickest way to get you out of a stressful mental state and into an exhilarated and happy place.

It is recommended by every medical professional, it keeps you not only healthy, but happy.

This is because exercise produces happy chemicals in the brain: endorphins.

If it’s been some time since you’ve exercised, try some easy stretches at first.

Perhaps a quick yoga beginner tutorial on YouTube can get you started in your fitness journey.

Yoga is a great way to stretch, get familiar with your capabilities and work towards strengthening and toning your body.

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert.

As long as you’re doing something at least 10 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week will be better than nothing.


There are so many resources to learn something new through watching YouTube or listening to podcasts or audio books.

If you already have a hobby that you’ve always loved, get back to doing that.

Delve into a topic that is interesting to you.

Make up, fashion, self help, learn about anything that you find interesting.

This activity allows you to get your mind off of the day to day responsibilities.

Remember, this is you time.

You get to do something you love to do.


I believe in talking to a professional.

A therapist is helpful in understanding life as a mum, the challenges, struggles and overall chapter of motherhood.

I felt extreme loneliness when I became a mum, this lasted for sometime and the only thing that helped me was talking to a therapist.

After 4 years of motherhood and sometime had passed, I realised that I was going through postpartum depression.

In the thick of it all, I didn’t think of it as anything. Just something I was dealing with.

If you are feeling down, emotionally off or just needing talk to someone, do it.

Talk to a professional… if you don’t have this capability or resource, reach out to a trusted friend or family.

Simply getting it out, helps with processing your feelings, these emotions are forms of energy and somehow it will get out, choose the responsible way to release.

Otherwise, you will either take it out on your baby, your partner or yourself.

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Writing down your thoughts’ is the best, easiest and rewarding way to get some you time and decompress, mentally and emotionally.

This for me, has been the biggest help to release my thoughts, emotions and helps me rationalise current concerns or issues.

I also use this a way to write down my goals, think of different things I’d like to see happen in my life.

Example: write down a goal you want to see happen in a 6 months or a year, either something personal for you, see a parental goal out or a romantic goal for you and partner.


Meditation is a great way to quiet your mind and promote gratitude.

It helps you understand your reality in a clear way, allows you to be balanced and release unnecessary emotions.

Mediation, like anything takes practice. Do this at least once a day.

Start in increments of 5 minutes, gradually increase day by day, 10 minutes in a couple of days until you get the hang of it.

A lot of meditation instructions tell you to focus on your breathing, but I say this:

Imagine yourself in a black void, like your in outer space, floating in nothingness.

Then, you see a shooting star passing you by, and you see another shooting star pass you by, then another.

The shooting star are your thoughts and the goal is to allow your thoughts to come up and let it pass, until your thoughts turn into shooting stars that keep passing you by.

This allows your rational brain a time off, from its chatter and constant thought process of the daily grind and promotes balance, peace and gratitude.


Boosting our energy, mental awareness, emotional aptitude and our physical well being allows us to be present for the people we care for and depend on us, truly give them the best we have and are because we are giving back to ourselves.

Our motherly energy needs to be harnessed and we must keep it sacred.

This energy is powerful, it creates a vibration of love and peace that ripples into our children’s lives and effects our relationships.

God knows we need more love and peace in all of our lives and every part of our lives.

It is our responsibility, as mothers and nurturers of our household to give ourselves time for self care. This is a reflection on how well we nurture the ones we love.

I hope that you see the the value of putting yourself first. As well as how magnificent it can be to actually have some time to yourself and love yourself.

Self care for mum is a gift that keeps giving.

Looking for ways to practice self care as a busy mum? Check out these tips for self care and use them in your daily routine.
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