Lyrical Host : Best WordPress Hosting For Mum Bloggers

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Lyrical Host : Best WordPress Hosting For Mum Bloggers

Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting for mum bloggers?

New to starting a mum blog and looking to go self-hosted?

Are you totally fed up of your current hosting provider being super slow and going down every 5 minutes?

Well I have the perfect WordPress hosting for you … Lyrical Host.

It’s true there are many hosting services out there – they offer great prices for the first year then after that ramp up the prices when renewal time comes around.

Many are difficult to actually find someone to talk to as they are huge companies, who truth be told aren’t that bothered about little old me with my mum blog.

Lyrical Host are different they are a small independent hosting company that will and do have time for you.

Jenni Brown set up Lyrical Host with her husband.

She has been blogging since 2001 which gives her unique insight into what bloggers actually need from their hosting company.

With this amazing insight after blogging for years, they know what’s important to bloggers.

All plans and systems are set up so that you spend less time worrying about your hosting and more time doing the things you love – blogging!

So let’s get stuck into some of the nitty-gritty as to why Lyrical Host offer the best WordPress Hosting for mum bloggers.

How Much Is Lyrical Host?

Prices start at $11.99 a month (£9.99)

  • Host one WordPress site with 20GB SSD web space
  • ~25k monthly visits
  • 6 x 10GB email accounts
  • 1 SSL certificate
  • automatic daily website backups
  • 5 stock photos/month + mystery goodies

What I love most about this package is that you get an SSL certificate included (read here why it’s important to have an SSL).

Also they give you free stock photos each month and mystery goodies! Goodies can be anything from cheat sheets, illustrations, workbooks and social media templates.

Seriously I’ve never seen another hosting company do that! I’m amazed.

What Are The Lyrical Host Servers Like?

All of their servers are kitted out with Samsung SSDs, they provide full SSD hosting on all plans as standard.

All servers are stored in a data centre with 24/7 engineers to make sure everything’s always working as it should.

Unlike other popular web hosts, they don’t throttle your website’s CPU or RAM limits which forces you to upgrade.

Between you and me – that means hell yeah they are fast.

How Good Are Lyrical Host For My WordPress Blog?

Their WordPress Hosting runs WordPress only. It includes security features and caching to ensure your website is super fast and reliable.

Lyrical Host also supply you with video tutorials, guides, and masterclasses if you’re new to WordPress.

WordPress also comes pre-installed for you so there’s nothing you need to buy or install.

What About If I’m Currently Hosted Somewhere Else?

No Problem!

Lyrical Host include free migration of your current blog from its existing host to them. They do it ALL for you (thank god!).

They’ll move your blog, and email address you have, the lot. Just book a free migration slot with the team and they’ll sort the rest.

Will The Price Increase On Renewals?

There are no increased pricing on renewals. Pricing is a flat rate. They don’t increase your domain or hosting plan costs when it’s time to renew.

What Help And Support Can I Get From Lyrical Host?

They support their customers as much as they can. You can have a free one-to-one help session on Facebook messenger.

Also they will recommend plugins for your site and recommendations to improve your blog theme.

They can even find you an accountability buddy to support you in your blogging journey.

Every month they will send you exclusive stock photos that you can use for personal or commercial projects.

They also add new resources to the huge Resource Library, ranging from printable colouring pages, blogging workbooks, social media templates to hand drawn illustrations and mix and match hand-lettering.

Does your current host provide you with all this? Na, mine didn’t either.

What Make Lyrical Host Extra Special?

Each month, some of your hosting spend goes directly to nonprofits and charitable causes all over the world.

Some of the causes they support include children’s education in Mozambique, and mental health help for people across Africa and Asia.

They celebrate an anniversa-tree with every hosting customer – every year on your Lyrical Host anniversary, they celebrate by planting a tree for you somewhere in the world to offset carbon use.

Yep you read that right they plant a tree – really how awesome is that!? I’m well impressed and I’m already with Lyrical Host!

Getting Started With A Mum Blog

Starting a Mum Blog can be really daunting. Especially for those of us who are a little technically challenged or new to the world of blogging.

I’ve made a step-by-step guide for you below.

Before we begin with the step-by-step guide let’s go through some basics …

What is a Domain Name?

The part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

Let’s take a look at my website address :

The domain name basically is the NAME of your website i.e

What is a Self-Hosted Website?

If you see a domain address like this :

The WordPress part is where your website is hosted from. WordPress hosts your website.

A simpler way of putting it is the host is where your blog ‘lives’.

So for the example above the blog ‘lives’ at WordPress. The host here is WordPress, so you aren’t self hosted as WordPress is the host.


A self hosted website ‘lives’ in it’s own space that you pay for yourself.

(i.e you aren’t using a free WordPress one)

See , it has no extra bit like WordPress.

This is because I pay for a little space for my blog to live in so it is self-hosted.

Why Is It Important To Start Off Self-Hosted With A Mum Blog?

There are many benefits of having your website self-hosted.

If you don’t you will find it difficult in time to grow your blog the way you want to and to monetise it.

Many places such as WordPress Free Hosting will restrict what you can and can not upload to their space (to protect them from hacking etc)

It saves so much time being self-hosted from the start! It’s great not having to switch it over later on.

With a self-hosted blog you have the following advantages as opposed to not-self-hosting:

  • You own your website & the content
  • You have control over ads that appear on your blog
  • More blog plugins you can use
  • More blog themes you can use
  • Access to the blog code
  • You can customise everything
  • If you want to monetise your blog you need to be self-hosted

It is important to pick a host that has a good up time – you don’t want your blog offline every five minutes!

Now you’re an expert on domains and self-hosting let’s get you set up!

Step-By-Step Guide 1 – How To Get A Domain & Self-Hosting With Lyrical Host

1.Visit this site Lyrical Host

2. Click on this option on-screen

Lyrical Host WordPress Option

3. You will see 3 options for self-hosting – pick which best suits your need. If you are new the TINY option is perfect. Click on the Buy Now button.

4. You will then get this screen – click the Order Now button on the package you need.

Lyrical Host Packages

5. Next is this screen – if you don’t have a domain yet here is where you need to pick one (i.e for this example I’m using Here you need to fill in what you want your domain to be called and press the check button to see if it’s available. If  it’s not don’t worry try something else. It’s best to try to get a .com domain if you can.

6. If your chosen domain is available you’ll get this screen – click continue at the bottom.

Lyrical Host Register Domain

7. Next is this screen – you need to pick how you want to pay. You can pay monthly if you’d like which is a great option if you can’t afford a years worth at a time. I went for the 1 year option – as it works out cheaper than paying monthly – but you do have to pay the full amount up front. Press the continue button.

Lyrical Host Summary

8. Now you’re in the checkout – nearly there! As you can see you have your WordPress hosting here and also the cost for your domain.

I have something special for you now – a promo code for money off!


stick the promo code in the box and press validate code – this will give you 10% (you’re welcome).

Lyrical Host Checkout

Hit checkout and fill in your card details – following all the on screen instructions…You’re Done!

Congrats your all set up with the best WordPress hosting for Mum bloggers.

Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great!

Looking for the best hosting for you mum blog? Look no further than here, includes a step-by-step guide to buying your own domain, hosting and SSL.


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