Maternal Mental Health Matters Week 2018

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Maternal Mental Health Matters Week 2018

It’s this time of the year again – Maternal Mental Heath Matters Week! As always here I am again promoting and raising awareness of maternal mental health. It is a subject super close to my heart because I am a Postpartum Depression Survivor. I hope you can join me in raising awareness about this super important issue. Here’s how you to can get involved.

When Is Maternal Mental Health Matters Week?

30th April 2018 – 6th May 2017 (2nd May World Maternal Mental Health Day)

How And Where Can I Join In With Some Maternal Mental Health Matters Week Campaigns?

This year there are many organisations getting involved with Maternal Mental Health Matters Week. YAY!

Here is a run down of my favourite ones you can join in with too.

Believe In Happy (With Funky Pigeon)

‘Believe In Happy’ is being launched by Funky Pigeon (yes the one that sells cards etc) in support of Maternal Mental Heath Matters Week.

Now you might think this is a little weird for a card company but they have a great reason – one of their designers (Amy) went through serious PND last year. She’s now campaigning to raise awareness and donate to the charity – Mind.

Amy has single-handedly created a range of cards and gifts for Funky Pigeon, aimed at helping to make people happier and wishing them well through any mental health problems. Obviously a percentage of sales goes directly to the charity too!

So why have I decided to raise awareness for this campaign too? Well I think it’s amazing that the place where Amy works are supporting her through her postpartum depression and also helping her raise awareness too – AMAZING! If only all employers were this fab with Maternal Mental Health!

Maternal Mental Health Matters Week - Funky Pigeon

As Amy states, “I was feeling very ashamed and alone, and thought everyone would judge me if I opened up about my illness. During this time, my Grandma sent me a ‘get well soon’ card and it really hit home to me that actually, people do realise that you are unwell and want to wish you well in your recovery, just as they would with a physical illness.”

“The card really meant a lot to me in those dark times and proved to me that I was loved and being thought of. I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact that sending a card can have to someone who is struggling with their mental health. It can be life-changing and really help bring some light back into their day.”

Funky Pigeon feel that so many people send/receive get well soon cards and kind wishes for a physical illness, yet only a minority do the same for a mental illness.

They are aiming to change this by encouraging people to open up about their illness and help to reduce the stigma that surrounds it.

Their new selection of products will include messages of hope, encouragement and most importantly, information on how and who to contact if the recipient needs help or support.

They will be donating 30% of the card sales to the charity – Mind, whose invaluable help, information and advice can be life-changing.

The ‘Believe in Happy’ campaign has not only been developed to support and aid recovery for people already suffering with mental illness, but to try and reduce the risk of becoming ill from the

Funky Pigeon have also introduced happier working practices in their office and put in place outlets for people to offload their thoughts and feelings, as well as educating themselves on the warning signs of mental illness so that they can support each other as best as they can.

Wow what an great place to work! i’m really impressed by how they have gone above and beyond to support this campaign and their employees!

Read Amy’s full story here.

View the new range of cards and gifts.

Maternal Mental Health Matters Week - Funky Pigeon

The Blue Dot Project

At The Blue Dot Project they are running a campaign for the week called #RealMotherhood #NoShame

For Moms’s A #RealMotherhood 5-Day Challenge

  • We will ask mothers across the country to get real about motherhood by posting photos and updating their social media status with images and posts that show the real face of motherhood. Images can be light-hearted or serious. They can be of meds you had to get on, dirty dishes overflowing out of your sink, going to work with baby vomit on your shirt, or stretched mark skin.

You can sign up to take and support the challenge here #RealMotherhood 5 Day Challenge

Maternal Mental Health Matters Week - Blue Dot ProjectMaternal Mental Health Matters Week - Blue Dot ProjectMaternal Mental Health Matters Week - Blue Dot Project


Emily at MummyLinks is arranging a campaign called #ShoutieSelfie. It aims to raise awareness of maternal mental health and fight the stigma. She ran it first in 2017 having just 2 months of social media experience, and 10 days to plan it. Despite this is got maternal mental health trending in its first half an hour and 1 million impressions. This year she is arranging an even bigger campaign with thousands of supporters – from NCT, to PANDAS, to ready to hit social media with their “shoutie selfie” to get people talking. Watch closely and you might even see a celebrity face or two shouting that week!

This is what Emily has to say about this campagin

“#ShoutieSelfie is so important to me. I struggled with PND, PNA and PTSD after the birth of my son in 2015. Instead of being the best time of my life it was the worst. I went from being a confident and successful woman, to being scared to have coffee with a close friend. I was anxious whenever I was left alone with my son because I didn’t believe I knew how to look after him. It wasn’t until I started hearing that it wasn’t just me that was struggling. That others did too, that I realised it wasn’t that I was an awful person and mother. I was ill, and I could get help. And that’s why I’m now on a mission to ensure all mums – and dads – currently struggling know they are not alone and that they can get better.”

To get involved with the campaign on 30th April search for #ShoutieSelfie or @MummyLinksApp on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and follow her lead!

To ask to join MummyLinks head to:

Maternal Mental Health Matters Week #ShoutieSelfie

I really hope you can join in with the above campaigns to help raise awareness for Maternal Mental Health Matters Week 2018.

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