5 Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Productive After School

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5 Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Productive After School

Every parent in the world wants to raise their kids to be productive, successful adults. And meeting that goal means instilling the right habits and attitudes at an early age.

While your kids may long to zone out in front of the television or sink hours into Fortnite at the end of a long school day, allowing them to do so regularly could hinder them on their journey to becoming productive adults. We all need a break and time to unwind, but the end of the school day doesn’t need to mean the end of all productivity.

From ensuring that they get their homework done on time to helping them develop valuable skills that will help them later in life, encouraging your kids to be productive after school offers numerous benefits. Here are just a few activities that work well for helping students of all ages be productive long after the final bell of the day rings.

Encourage Them to Take Up a Sport

While not all kids and teenagers are interested in sports, getting those who are involved with a team is a great way to help them stay productive. Practices, games and meets keep them engaged in physical activity and prevents them from wasting hours glued to a screen each day.

Many teams are quite competitive and require a lot of commitment. At the high school level, they also require a certain degree of skill. As a result, they help create discipline and give your child something to work toward.

No matter what type of athletic activity your child is interested in, their school or your local community probably has a team. Whether they want to try out for the baseball, basketball, soccer or football team, or they would like to try something like swimming, track and field, or bowling, you’ll likely be able to find a team that’s suited to their interests. Some schools even have things like jump rope teams!

Enrol Them in After-School Programs

Sports aren’t the only ways to keep kids engaged after the end of the school day. There are also several after-school programs that provide structured extracurricular activities for kids when they are away from home. Like sports teams, they require a degree of commitment, and this helps teach kids responsibility and dedication.

Your child’s school likely has several after-school programs. Whether your son or daughter is interested in music, art or student government, or wants to get involved in something like a chess club, maths club or science club, their school probably has options. If not, though, or if the school district just doesn’t have any clubs or organisations that your child finds appealing, there are plenty of other places to look.

For starters, talk to the guidance counsellor or your child’s teacher. While the school district may not offer the type of program that your child is interested in, these individuals may be able to point you in the right direction.

Guidance counsellors, in particular, are often well-aware of the various activities and programs that are available within a community. They may even be aware of programs to help low-income families enrol their kids in extracurricular activities at reduced prices.

The National Afterschool Association provides support to after-school programs and helps provide students with learning opportunities after the final bell of the day rings. They also host numerous events gears toward helping students grow into successful adults. The After School Alliance provides resources for after-school programs as well, and they provide parents with useful information on subjects like how to find quality after-school programs.

Get Them Involved in Tutoring

Does your son have a knack for English? Or is your daughter doing amazingly well in chemistry? If so, getting them involved in tutoring outside of regular school hours is a great way to help them stay productive after school, while encouraging them to help their peers.

A lot of kids struggled in certain subjects, and if your child excels, having them share their knowledge and understanding with someone who is having a hard time is much more productive than letting them spend hours each day staring blankly at their phones.

Create a Home Schedule for Studying and Homework

Kids spend most of their lives in school, so it’s understandable that they want to come home at the end of the day and do nothing. This, of course, isn’t the most productive way to spend an afternoon or evening. And if they aren’t careful, your kids could end up wasting too much time and falling behind on their studies and homework.

While it’s important to allow your kids some downtime, it’s also a good idea to establish a schedule for studying and homework. Figure out a time that works for your family, and make it a rule that that time is reserved for studying and working on homework assignments.

If your child doesn’t have any assignments to complete or a test to study for, encourage them to use the time to read or work toward learning something new. Dedicating time after school for education helps encourage productivity, while also ensuring that assignments are completed on time and tests are passed with flying colours.

Encourage Them to Get a Part-Time Job

If you have older teens, encouraging them to get a part-time job is a great way to ensure that productivity doesn’t end when they walk out of the classroom. Working a few hours a day at a local store, restaurant, etc. teaches kids responsibility and other valuable skills like money management, customer service and more.

It also eliminates most of those lazy nights spent clinging to video game controllers. Plus, having their own money to spend on things like clothing, Next Level tees, jackets, etc. takes some pressure off your bank account.


Teaching kids to be productive after school helps prepare them for the real world. After all, how many adults get to do absolutely nothing when we’re done working for the day? Keeping them productive also prevents boredom and keeps them out of trouble. The occasional lazy day is fine, but with the tips listed above, you can create kids and teens who get a lot more done than those who spend all their time outside of school glued to a screen.

5 activities that will keep your kids productive after school. A list of things children can do after school to keep their minds active.

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