7 Great Tips For How To Hold A Newborn Properly

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Great Tips for New Parents – How to Hold a Newborn Properly

Babies are delicate little people… And it’s only understandable that some new parents are a bit nervous and unsure about how to hold their newborn. They are afraid that they might hurt or make their little ones feel uncomfortable, which are quite common reactions.

But you don’t have to feel this way. In fact, holding a newborn properly is not really as scary or difficult as it seems. You only have to be aware of the proper way to do it.

This is why in this post, we’ll give you tips on how to hold a newborn properly to keep your baby comfortable while allowing you to enjoy the process at the same time.

Before Holding Your Newborn – Important Tips to Remember

You’re probably eager to hold your sweet little angel but before you do so, are you sure you’re ready for it? Here are some preparation tips before you cuddle your newborn:

1 – Keep Your Hands Clean

It’s important to remember that your child’s immune system is not completely developed yet.

So the bacteria and germs you have in your unclean hands can get transferred to them too easily. The last thing you want to happen is to make your child sick, right?!

Before you hold your baby, be sure to wash and sanitize your hands first with water and mild soap.

Are you out and about with no access to a faucet and hand soap? A hand sanitizer can always do the trick. Put some on your hands and give it a nice lather before using paper towels to dry them.

Another thing – if you’re wearing a watch or a bracelet that can scratch your little one’s skin, be sure to take it off before you hold your baby.

2 – Find A Comfortable Position.

Never attempt to hold your newborn if you are in an unstable or odd position such as while on the stairs or when there is a possibility for you to slip or fall. It is best to sit yourself on a couch or in bed where there is no room for possible mistakes.

When you hold a baby, you also have to be confident and not hesitate before you pick her up.

You may either stand or sit when you hold a newborn. But whichever position you prefer, make sure you are comfortable.

The goal is to keep the baby well supported and cradled when you lift her up.

3 – Give Ample Support To The Baby.

You will be surprised how heavy a baby’s neck may feel, mainly because she does not have much control of the muscles in this part of her body.

So if you are going to hold her, you need to make sure that there is a good support to her neck and head before you pick her up.

Position your hand securely on the back of her neck to keep this area secure and prevent any injury.

4 – Hold Your Baby Close To You With A Shoulder Hold.

This is a common way of holding your baby and it allows you to be as close to her as possible.

Your baby can also listen closely to your heartbeat as you hold her. When you lift your child, he sure she is as high as your shoulder level.

The body must remain in parallel to yours and simply rest your child’s head onto your shoulder.

As you carry her this way, support the neck and head with your one hand and support her bottom with the other.

5 – Place Your Baby On Your Lap For A Comfortable Position.

When feeding your baby, the lap hold position is a good choice for you and your child’s comfort. Be sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground and position your child on your lap.

Keep her head near your knee and be sure she is facing upwards. Put both of your hands right under her head while resting your forearms underneath her body.

6 – Let Your Child See The Front With A Chair Hold.

This position is excellent for curious babies who want to see the front as you hold her. In this position, simply let her body rest against your chest that can help her get a good amount of head support.

Put your one hand on her chest and keep the other one on her bottom. This should give her a good level of support while checking out the world around her.

7 – Rock Your Little One To Sleep With A Relaxing Cradle Hold.

Whether your little one is scheduled for a nap or you want to make her feel more relaxed, a cradle hold is perfect for these purposes.

This is also a natural position to hold your little one, so babies are often very much comfortable and at ease.

Hold your child securely at a chest level as you slide your one arm right under her head and use your other arm to support her hips and bottom.

The idea is to allow your child’s neck to rest securely on the crook or bend of your elbow. She’ll be dozing off in no time in this soothing position.

Additional Tips To Consider On How To Hold A Newborn

As delicate as it may seem, holding a baby does not require rocket science at all. There are several ways to hold her, and we have just provided you with tips and instructions on how to hold your child properly.

Just a couple of additional instructions. Always keep her head free that will enable her to breathe and move with ease, You also need to ensure skin contact that will keep your child warm as you carry her.

And if you’re new to holding a baby, you can always do it while sitting. Support the neck and head with your one hand and put the other on her bottom.

Tired of holding your little one too long? You can always use a support pillow that also doubles as a support during feeding time.

Get ready!

With all of these things in mind, you should be ready to hold your child like a pro and without any hesitation or fear at all.

Tips on how to hold a newborn properly. How To keep your baby comfortable while allowing you to enjoy the process at the same time.

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