12 Of The Best Breastfeeding Hacks Nursing Mums Need To Know

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12 Of The Best Breastfeeding Hacks Nursing Mums Need To Know

It is important to remember that every woman’s breastfeeding journey is different. For some women breastfeeding comes naturally and the experience is a positive one.

Others it can leave them feeling less fulfilled as they struggle to grasp the techniques required to breastfeed their child. For those of you who are struggling with breastfeeding I have come up with list of breastfeeding hacks for you to try.

The great news is that there is lots of help available. Lactation consultants and community nurses are a great resource for those finding the process challenging.

There are also a few things you can do yourself to make life a little easier. Try one of these 12 breastfeeding hacks for nursing mums to help you on your journey.

1. Nursing Tanks

Tanks are perfect for wearing when out and about in public. 

as they provide more modesty while feeding. The nursing clip allows you to drop down the cups as required, while keeping your stomach and midriff area covered up.

2. No Bra Needed

A well made supportive nursing tank will not require a nursing bra to be worn underneath it.

This allows for quicker and more effective access to the breast.

3. Buttons

Wear clothing that allows for easy access to the breast and avoid too many layers. Tops that have buttons, zips and nursing access make for a less complicated and a stress free feed.

4. Mammary Minders

It is important to ensure your breasts both get drained and get fed from equally, as this will help to avoid block ducts and other engorgement issues.

Mammary minders allow you to tag the side of the nursing bra after feeds, to help remind you from which side you fed your baby last.

5. Slings And Scarfs

Both slings and scarfs can be useful when feeding in public. They act like a shield and provide privacy and discretion.

12 of the best breastfeeding tips and tricks for nursing mums to try. Try these hacks to help improve breastfeeding.

6. Nursing Pads

Nursing pads have been designed to help protect lactating mothers from embarrassing leaks onto outerwear. Always carry spare sets of nursing pads in your handbag to ensure you stay dry throughout the day

Nursing pads come in disposable options that can be thrown away after use or washable options that can be used time and time again after washing.  The choice is yours to make.

7. Reusable Water Bottle

Always carry water to ensure you stay hydrated. Invest in a portable water bottle that fits nicely into you handbag.

This way you will always have access to water.

A woman drinking lots of water from a bottle.

8. Lactation Boost Smoothies

There are products in the market place such as Lactation smoothie mixes that claim to help boost your milk production.

Combine the smoothie boost mix with Milk, Greek yogurt, coconut water a banana, berries, cinnamon and flaxseed to make a delicious nutritious snack.

9. Hands Free Bra

Some women will also choose to pump when breastfeeding. Invest in a good supportive hands free pumping bra and a small portable pumping machine so that you can multi task when pumping.

10. Apps

There are many wonderful apps available that help use organise our daily life.  Should you be this way inclined? Download a breastfeeding app to help keep a track of feeding times etc.

This way you have access to your information whenever you require it.

A woman breastfeeding using an app. Breastfeeding hacks

11. Cabbage Leaves

Cold cabbage leaves are a welcome relieve for women suffering from sore engorged breasts.

Place the cold cabbage leaves inside of your nursing bra for immediate relieve.

12. Zip Lock Bags

Carry empty zip lock bags with you.  They are wonderful for storing used nursing pads and pumping parts.

This way you can avoid mess and smells from developing when out and about.

The Zip lock bags can simply be emptied at home and washed out for use again at a later date.

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