New Mum Essentials: Postpartum Must Haves

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New Mum Essentials: Postpartum Must Haves

It’s important to plan for the postpartum recovery period.

Your body will have gone through a lot of changes that will affect you in different ways depending on if you’ve had a vaginal birth or a c-section.

Be prepared. Make yourself a postpartum care kit that includes all the essentials you need for after birth.

By using these postpartum must haves you will have a faster and easier recovery.

There’s no need to worry about snapping back into shape within a matter of weeks like these celebs. That’s just crazy!

Plus don’t forget any unnecessary pressure can contribute to postpartum depression.

Instead take your postpartum recovery slowly and be kind to yourself. Weather you’ve had a vaginal or c-section delivery it will have been brutal on your body.

Plus, now you also have a little baby to take care of. Be kind to yourself. Have some mother and baby bonding time.

Postpartum life can be hard, so lets make it a little less brutal with these fabulous postpartum must haves.

12 Postpartum Must-Haves: How to Have a Faster & Easier Recovery After Birth

1 – A Good Moisturiser For Stretch Marks & C-section Scars

It’s important to look after your skin during the postpartum period. As your weight dramatically drops you are prone to stretch marks.

This postpartum tummy butter will help hydrate your skin and add elasticity to your shrinking belly, as well as assist in the fading of C-section scars. 


2 – A Postpartum Sitz Bath Mix

Try a postpartum sitz bath, made with 100% organic ingredients to aid with swelling reduction and help fight infection.

3 – Feet & Ankle Gel

Childbirth may also bring about swelling feet and ankles, so reach for some soothing aloe leg gel to bring post pregnancy swollen feet relief.

4 – Maternity Pads

Lots and lots of big maternity pads. Why? Because you’re going to bleed a lot (sorry).

Make sure you have a massive stash of your favourite ones, as it’s just the worst feeling when you’re running out and need to drag yourself and a new baby out to get more.

These ones are super nice as they are breathable and extra long. They are also 100% cotton so they want irritate you when you’re already sore.

5 – Padsicles

You can make your own padsicles ready for when you get home.

All you need are some maternity pads and apply some witch hazel or aloe-vera gel of your choice and stick them in the freezer.

When you’re back home and a little sort, get one out of the freezer and pop it in your giant granny pants – instant relief. 

These are best used during the first week postpartum and will bring you some relief from a vaginal birth.

6 – Maternity Ice Pack

These perinatal ice packs are designed to reduce the pain, swelling and bruising of the perinatal area.

You don’t need to freeze these cold packs either. You can pop them straight in your hospital bag ready to use.

This is definitely a great alternative to making your own padsicles.

7 – Belly wrap

A belly wrap or support girdle can be really useful.

After birth your uterus will shrink back to its normal size and this can cause some after pains.

It can be beneficial to you during this time to give your stomach some extra support. The Belly Bandit Wrap is a super popular choice.

Also belly binding can help if you are suffering with diastasis recti.

This happens when your womb stretches out and moves the abdominal muscles. In a lot of woman the muscles have some trouble moving back to how they once were so a belly wrap can really help with this.

Postpartum Belly Wrap Black

8 – Bottom Spray

These sprays are a god send when it comes to cooling the perineal area after birth.

With witch-hazel, lavender and peppermint the mist eases and cools any discomfort you may have.

This earth mama herbal perineal spray is a popular choice for new moms.

9 – Nipple Cream / Nipple Butter

Breastfeeding can be painful to start with until you get the hang of it. Cracked nipples need looking after to as they are sensitive and you’ll feel the soreness a lot.

This nipple cream is made with 100% organic ingredients in a plant-based salve that helps relieve sore and cracked nipples associated with nursing. 

10 – Breast Pads

When your milk comes in you’ll soon learn that you’ll leek everywhere – day and night.

Make sure you have plenty of these disposable breast pads to soak up the milk. Keeping your nipples dry helps prevent soreness.

The pads are super thin so don’t worry you won’t be able to notice them under your clothes.

These are the pads I used which were great and really absorbent.

I also used a disposable mat in my bed at time time to stop and leaking onto my bed sheets.

11 – Dermaplast

You’re going to need this numbing spray if you had a vaginal delivery.

Spray it all over your lady parts as directed to give you some much needed relief from the swelling and soreness.

12 – Peri Bottle

Sometimes during your postpartum recovery you may find you’re too tender to use toilet paper. Instead try a peri bottle.

Peri Bottles are super to easy to use. Just fill them with warm water and then spray onto the perineal area to clean it after you’ve been to the toilet.

The water helps dilute the urine so it doesn’t sting you so much which is especially helpful if you’ve had stitches. Keeping the area clean will also help keep it clear from infection.

13 – Stool Softener

You may have heard that your first bowl movement after the birth of your new baby is a tricky business.

I can confirm this is true (sorry!). If you get only one thing on this list make sure its a stool softener.

You don’t want to be straining to hard as you may get piles or hemorrhoids – or make the ones you already have worse.

Also make sure you drink plenty of water to help with easier bowl movements. Take it slow and easy.

As will all medicines make sure you check it’s OK with your Health Visitor or GP first.

14 – Comfy PJS

Let’s be real here. There will be times during the first few weeks postpartum where you just won’t manage to get dressed. (I don’t blame you, I didn’t either!).

Get yourself some nice warm  and comfy pj’s that you can lounge around in all day.

If you’re planning on breastfeeding consider getting maternity/nursing pajamas as they are designed with easy access to the front.


As a new mom recovering from giving birth it’s a given that you look after yourself properly.

Everything is a little bit crazy when you have a new baby so be prepared BEFORE! The third trimester is the ideal time ready.

If you’re having a baby shower or throwing one for someone, then a postpartum recovery kit made up of the items above would be a really useful.

You can use the items mention as little gift guide for your friends attending to help you get everything you need.

New Mums Essential. A complete list of all the must have products you need to make your postpartum recovery go faster.  Check out this list to make your own postpartum recovery care kit.

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